5 responses to “Cover Reveal : The Naughty Billionaire’s Virgin Fiancee

  1. Is there a blurb for this book this looks really interesting and something different from your military men or cowboys. By the way I have Hooked and Educating Ansley on the way finely from Amazon.ca. Cannot wait for them to get here!!!!

    • Uh, oh. I hope you’re prepared because Educating Ansley is really dirty! LOL
      As for the blurb- I have a first draft, unapproved version, but it will give you the idea at least.
      Branson Welles doesn’t want a fiancee, but he better get one fast before his controlling grandfather yanks his trust fund out from under him. How convenient that recent college grad Jen needs money to pay her school loan just when Bran needs a girl to play the role of his new lady love. It’s the perfect plan, until the sexual attraction makes it impossible for them to keep it strictly business.
      One night together leads to another and before he knows it, Bran doesn’t want to fake it any longer. Could the naughty billionaire playboy be ready to settle down, and with a virgin?

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