Billionaire for Hire

FOR HIRE - a Hot SEALs spin-off

Book Cover: Billionaire for Hire
Part of the For Hire series:

"I owe you one."

People say that all the time. Hell, I say it all the time. But what I didn't realize when I said it to my old school chum turned Navy SEAL Zane Alexander was that he'd actually come to collect on the debt.

I learned my lesson--too late.

I'm Brent Hearst, for God's sake. A member of the one percent. A trust fund kid descended from old family money. I'm not some trained operator or security expert. Yet somehow I'm standing here, smiling and lying through my teeth on an undercover assignment there's no way I'm prepared or qualified for. There's a freaking gun strapped to my leg and that's not even the worst of it. The real issue is her and my attraction to her. She's my assignment and off limits, but there's no fighting the desire and I've got no clue what the hell I'm going I'm going to do about it, except try to not get us both killed.

*** Billionaire for Hire is a standalone story. It is part of the FOR HIRE series, a spin-off set in the Hot SEALs world ***


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