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A Navy SEAL’s life isn’t all deadly missions. Commandos need love too. But when Naval Special Warfare computer guru Will Weber puts the fate of his love life in the combined hands of a dating app and his teammates, he learns what real terror feels like.

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Will Weber didn’t know if the steady beep, beep, beep of the monitor was a comfort, or if the sound was about to drive him bat shit crazy. After only an hour into his bedside visit, it was still too close to call.

The one thing that he knew for sure was not at all comforting, was the ashen face of the man hooked up to all those monitors.

Will was a damn Mensa-level genius and a bad ass Navy SEAL to boot, yet he’d never felt so helpless as he did right now.

He wasn’t used to feeling that way. It fucking sucked.

Even his computer, nearly forgotten on his lap, wasn’t offering any distraction today, and that was definitely not normal. He’d been known to get lost so deep in his laptop he’d forgotten to eat or drink or sleep.


But nothing could take his mind off the possibility he might lose the man who’d been there for him from the day he was born. The man who’d taught him how to bait a hook and how to clean a shotgun. How to nurture a seeding until it grew to be a mighty tree and also how to knock a man out with a single punch.

This man in the hospital bed looked nothing like that man and that was enough to bring a mist to Will’s eyes he didn’t even try to hide.

He should visit home more but it always seemed he was too busy to get home. And officially putting in for leave every time he needed to travel could be such a pain in the ass.

Excuses—that’s what all that crap he’d just used to justify his too infrequent visits had been. Damn poor excuses, just like he was a damn poor excuse of a grandson.

The door opened, drawing his attention away from the bed and his misery. He stood as his mother walked in.


“Mom.” Putting the laptop down on the empty bed tray, he accepted the hug from the woman who’d worked two jobs to raise him as a single mother—another reason he should visit home more than he did.

“How is he?” she asked, glancing at the bed.

Will lifted a shoulder. “He hasn’t woken up but I’ve only been here since thirteen-hundred.”

His mother smiled and he realized what he’d said. It was a hard habit to break.

“One o’clock,” Will added.

“I know, sweetie. You’re father was in the teams too, you know.”

“I know.” It had been what had taken his father from them when Will was barely old enough to remember. And now he could lose his grandfather too, the toughest damn USMC veteran at the Yorktown VFW. That thought nearly had him bawling. Christ. He needed a change of subject.

“So, how’s Amanda doing?” Will’s younger sister was always a good topic of conversation, as the problem child of the family.

Before his mom could answer, Will’s other sister filled the doorway. Megan cocked up her brow. “You don’t ask about how I’m doing? Only about Amanda?”

Will couldn’t help but smile at that question as he moved to embrace his older sister. “I don’t need to ask about you. You’re happily married, and have a great job and the perfect home, right down to the white picket fence.”

Pulling back from the hug, Megan screwed up her mouth as if thinking. “Well, that’s all true so I’ll guess I’ll let it go then.” Her gaze landed on the bed before cutting to their mom. “How’s he doing?”


“I guess no news is going to have to be good news for now.” Megan drew in a breath and let it out. “Anyway, as for Amanda . . .”

The sentence left unfinished, accompanied by his sister’s look of sheer exasperation, had Will saying, “That bad?”

Megan let out a short laugh. “I swear, if there is a bad man to be found, that girl will find him. Now she’s got like five different dating apps on her cell phone and each guy she chooses is worse than the last.”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad—”

“Mom, come on.” With a cocky eye roll, Megan interrupted their mother before turning back to Will. “It is that bad. Believe me. I mean it’s not that I’m completely against online dating, I’m sure there are some nice guys out there, but it’s like she consistently gravitates toward the worst ones.”

Knowing Amanda and her track record with men, Will did believe Megan completely. That was the problem. Feeling helpless again—and hating the feeling again—he sighed. “It’s too bad you can’t, I don’t know, like take over her dating account. Pick the guys for her. You know?”

Megan’s eyes widened. “Exactly. If she’d just let me I could weed out the bad guys. Compile a list of the good guys. I mean she could have the final decision of who to date—”

“But she’d only be choosing from a preapproved selection.” The idea hit him like a bolt of lightning. So sharp. So clear. So freaking obvious he didn’t know how noone had never thought of it before. “Holy fuck.”

Will was halfway back to where he’d left his laptop when his mother said, “William! Language.”

“Sorry.” He couldn’t be all that sorry because this idea was pure gold and if it wasn’t already out there it could make him a fuck ton of money.

He had the browser up and was searching the two big app stores in seconds.

“Uh, oh. I’ve seen that look before.” Megan laughed. “I think we’ve lost him.”

“I can hear you,” Will said as his heart beat faster.

So far so good. He hadn’t found what he was looking for yet and that was a very good thing. Because if no one else had developed the app yet, he was going to and it was going to change the dating world.

Possible names flew through his head as he searched. Wingman. Wingwoman. Cockblocked. He’d need a great name for the app but he could think of one later.

All that mattered was that he had a kick ass idea and so far it looked as if he might be the first. He had two weeks leave and nothing to do except sit vigil at his grandfather’s bedside. God knows he needed a distraction from the worry and the horrors of the hospital.

With his computer equipment here with him it was totally doable. He could knock out the coding for this app. Put together something good enough to beta test in the real world.

Ideally, he’d need a substantial database of opted in users, but for now, just for testing, he could start with an existing database. Facebook maybe, or Instagram. Snapchat, even.

His excitement grew. His sisters could test it first. He could probably get some of the guys from the team to do it too. Hell, he’d test it himself if he had to.

“Are you going to tell us what brainstorm hit you, Boy Genius?” Megan asked.

Will grinned. “Eventually.”

And man, was it going to be epic.


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