Nacht mit einem SEAL: German #1

Book Cover: Nacht mit einem SEAL: German #1

Hot SEALs # 1 Ten years full of devotion to the Navy, SEAL Jon Rudnick has taught one - he is not afraid to risk life and life for his country. However, when navigating through the military bureaucracy begins to present itself as a major challenge than the enemy, Jon makes his future question. So does Alison Cressly, the woman who does not take on one-night stands or SEALs, but who broke both rules with Jon on the eve of his Afghanistan operation. He does not get them out of his head anymore - as long as he's gone, and not when he's back again.

When Ali's life is in danger and the military regulations forbid him to intervene, Jon decides that it is time to regain control. The question is, what would make a SEAL as a civilian? Jon has skills, energy and an idea, as well as a few comrades who stand behind him. And he has the hope that from him and Ali could become more.

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