True Blue

includes Bull, Matt, The Commander

The red hot and true blue men of Task Force Zeta return!


Bull Ford earned his nickname through sheer size alone but one petite harpist crumbles his stone exterior. All he has to do to be with her is prevent a terrorist bombing and save a room of hostages.


Tired of watching his teammates get the girl while all he's had his hands on lately is a keyboard, computer genius Matt Coleman is happy to take an assignment in Dubai. But the job isn't as simple as anticipated when Matt's online SpecOps computer buddy Sam is there working undercover, and he turns out to be a she.

The Commander

The military is Hank Miller's life, and that's enough for him, until he travels to Pigeon Hollow and meets Lois Gordon, aka Mama, the mother of two of his men, and he realizes he wants more.

Previously published as individual titles.


Arms crossed, Hank leaned against the SUV’s bumper and watched the Gordon family reunion.

Trey and Carly parked their truck next to the team vehicle, while a little farther away, BB and Katie both worked to get a sleeping baby and his car seat out of the backseat of their vehicle.

Trey stretched his arms above his head with a groan. “God, I’m stiff and I’m dying for a slice of Mrs. Gordon’s pie.”

Carly shot Trey a glance. “You had lunch right before we left.”

“Can’t blame the man, Carly. Mama Gordon’s pies are amazing.” Matt stared toward the group near the house. “Can you believe she’s old enough to be Jimmy and Jack’s mother?”

“I know.” Trey shook his head. “She must have been a teenager when she had Jimmy.”

The rest of the group turned to look at the woman who was now in Jack’s arms.


“Wait a minute. That’s Mama?” Hank nearly choked.

The hot as hell brunette in the flip-flops, blue jeans and well-filled T-shirt? The one he’d been staring at and drooling over for the past few minutes?

“Yup.” Matt nodded.

“No way.” Bull squinted into the distance. “I pictured her looking like Betty Crocker or Mrs. Butterworth. You know, short, plump, wearing an apron covered in flour and holding a pie in her hands.”

That was how Hank had visualized her too. He certainly hadn’t thought he’d be imagining rolling around sweaty with her like he’d been since he first laid eyes on the tempting woman.

“Are you sure that’s Mama?” Hank couldn’t wrap his mind around this revelation.


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