Studs in Spurs: Wade

"sassy, smart and sexy" Guilty Pleasures

"Terrific romance with a biting dialogue that makes this story soar." San Francisco Review 

"Wade Long is my brand new walking Cowboy Sex Dream!!" Romazing Reader

Professional cowboy and alpha male to the tenth power, Wade Long is intent on showing billionaire CeCe Cole who’s boss both in and out of the bedroom.

It’s all good until Wade realizes he wants her for the long haul, not just the short go. But how can a working class Texan traveling the pro bull riding circuit and a spoiled rich California CEO make it work?

Some like it hot and if that's you, then WRECKED is your kind of book. Some don't, but never fear, the standalone titles in the Studs in Spurs series span from smoking hot to just a bit sexy. Read the heat warning for each and decide which are for you!

Reviews:Grady Harp on San Francisco Review of Books wrote:

Terrific romance with a biting dialogue that makes this story soar.

Romazing Reader on Amazon wrote:

"Wrecked is fantastic!! It's chuck full of sexy banter and a ton of wonderfully endearing falling in love moments too! Wade Long is my brand new walking Cowboy Sex Dream!! I love this forty year old grinning womanizing bullfighter, who falls head over boots for the insanely rich, fifty-ish and feisty redhead Cece Cole..." 5 Stars

D on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews wrote:

"Texas bull fighter Wade Long shows ex-super model and billionaire CeeCee Cole that she might be in charge in the boardroom but she's got a lot to learn about having a strong man in her bedroom in this sassy, smart and sexy story."

Hannah on Goodreads wrote:

"I am married to one of those cowboys...gruff, hard working, and all consuming. Cat got it right with Wade." 5 Stars