**About the Red Hot & Blue Series**

The Bad News… The publisher of this series went out of business…again.

THE GOOD NEWS! I got the rights back to all the books and will be reediting and releasing them as fast as humanly possible, with fresh new covers and more competitive pricing for both eBook and paperback versions. Please be patient and stay tuned for the rest of the reissues.

Wait. What happened? Well, small press publishing being what it is, the titles, the covers and the compilations of this series have been changed three times, as two of the publishers went out of business. To confuse things more, the series went from Red Hot & Blue (no commas), to Red, Hot & Blue (one comma) to Red, Hot, & Blue (two commas), depending on the current editor. I am bringing it back to what I intended–RED HOT & BLUE, with no freaking commas! I apologize if this is all confusing. Trust me, it upsets no one more than me. The best I can do is move forward with complete transparency as to the series’ past. I am self publishing it so no editor and no publisher will determine the face or fate of my series ever again.

For those who own the originals, not much as changed. You do NOT have to repurchase the stories you own. I have made small changes. I fixed my rookie writing mistakes and bad habits. (Holy exclamation points, Batman!!)  I had added one opening scene to “Trey” between the original Linden Bay Romance release and the Samhain rerelease. I have updated a bit of the technology and references (the flip phones became smart phones. Paris Hilton became Kim Kardashian), but I have tried to leave the time period and the setting as originally written since the details of the war are time specific.

My fictional Task Force Zeta, featured in the Red Hot & Blue series, was based on the real life Task Force 145, formed by the Pentagon in 2003 from men from Delta Force, Rangers, SEALs and British SAS. They were responsible for taking out Al-Zarqawi in 2006. TREY, JACK, JIMMY, BULL, MATT and THE COMMANDER were based on this special task force, their practices, and philosophies. From an ABC news article in 2006: “Task Force 145 uses a process that they call the unblinking eye, which is essentially a very tight linkage between intelligence and operations, meaning that as soon as they have intelligence they want to act on it, rather than sit and dwell on it for days at a time,” said Sean Naylor, who reported a piece on TF 145 for the Army Times.”
(Note: the book covers below are the OLD Samhain versions for your reference)

Trey (Red Hot & Blue, Book 1) Jack Red Hot & Blue Book 2 Jimmy

BULL (Red Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson Military Romance Matt (Red, Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson (military romance) The Commander (Red Hot & Blue) Cat Johnson

In the books A FEW GOOD MEN, MODEL SOLDIER and A PRINCE AMONG MEN, the series took a turn as I focused on the boots on the ground–Army infantry, tankers, ground pounders, based on the real life deployments of my Army consultant in Ramadi and the border provinces of Afghanistan.

A Few Good Men Model Soldier (a Red, Hot & Blue erotic military romance novel) A Prince Among Men

BB DALTON is a short story that gives the reader some additional backstory behind the events in Model Soldier and the side-characters of BB, Katie and Emily. The story of BB becoming the poster boy for SpecOps recruitment was taken directly from an NBCNews article about the US Navy SEALs using unconventional recruiting methods and sending actual SEAL personnel to recruit from the civilian sector including from schools and the Iron Man competition.

BB Dalton


Of course the heroes in Red Hot & Blue have family and a hometown. Jack and Jimmy’s brother JARED (the farmer), and his two friends, BOBBY (the deputy) and COLE (the pro ball player), got their own stories in SMALLTOWN HEAT (once upon a time named Smalltown USA).

Jared by Cat Johnson BOBBY Red, Hot & Blue Series Book 6 Cole