The Ex Files

Because a real man doesn’t need a contract to keep a woman in his bed… Move over Christian, meet Damian.

 If you like a plain jane heroine and a bad boy hero coming together in an opposites attract, older woman younger man, steamy contemporary romance, add The Ex Files to your TBR today!The Ex Files Cat Johnson Romance

As Jane Dolan makes her way through her little black book and the men from her past searching for the Mr. Right who got away, there’s another man who makes his way into her little black panties. She can’t deny he feels oh so right.

Gorgeous and much too young Damian drips sexuality. He serves up both tongue-tantalizing cocktails and mind-boggling orgasms and Jane finds her post-date sexual encounters with the tempting bartender completely irresistible. But her soul mate is waiting and there are still more men from her past to re-date—or are there?

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Signature Recipe: Damian’s Orgasmic Chocolate Martini

This story takes place in a bar where the hero mixes up chocolate martinis that one character describes as an “orgasm in a glass”, so my recipe to represent The Ex Files is the Chocolate Martini, served at the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA (where they know chocolate) with the glass rimmed in chocolate syrup and cocoa powder, and with a Hershey kiss in the bottom.
~2 parts vodka
~1 part vanilla vodka
~1 part white cream de cocao
Shake with ice then strain into a martini glass
“There is a heroine I identified with, alongside a Hero that I swooned over… The Ex-files is a smutty, steamy book that kept me entertained from the moment I heard about the dreaded “Vaginal Wall bang” sex move. Damien is the barman of my dreams. A sexy fella with amazing sex skills, fabulous culinary talent and the ability to make a chocolate Martini?? I want one!” Nix, Scorching Book Reviews