Next up in the Red Hot & Blue Series

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Today Smalltown Heat in the Red Hot & Blue series is available once again in both eBook and Paperback! If you haven’t already read it, I hope you had a chance to grab it. SMALLTOWN HEAT blurb, LINKS and an excerpt are HERE So what’s next in this series? I am currently proofreading A FEW GOOD MEN (a full length Red Hot & Blue Novel), which be available again in eBook and Paperback the first week of December. A FEW GOOD MEN PREORDER LINKS and an excerpt are HERE But to hold you over until the release in a few weeks, I’m including another excerpt below. Enjoy! And don’t forget to preorder if you haven’t read the story yet. A FEW GOOD MEN (RED HOT & BLUE) Army Sergeant John Blake is happy to ignore the romance novel he’s seen his tank crew passing around, until he becomes the author’s accidental pen pal, and her warm, caring emails make him look forward to checking his inbox. Maureen, aka Summer Winters Erotic Romance Author, has given up finding the last decent man on earth, until she finds him—halfway around the world. EXCERPT …You are a really special woman to do all you do for […]

Countdown to Release: SMALLTOWN HEAT Excerpt

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Only a couple of more weeks …until the next Red Hot & Blue title SMALLTOWN HEAT is back out I really enjoyed reworking this one. Revisiting it as I reedited and proofed it made me remember how much I loved this series the first time around. As with the other Red Hot & Blue books, if you own the original (released by Samhain) there’s no need to rebuy. I did not add or change anything substantial to the original (except for the new cover!) But if you have already read Smalltown Heat, or any of the other Red Hot & Blue titles, and loved them PLEASE tell your friends, leave reviews, post on social, and help new readers find the series. Authors always appreciate it! “steamy, smartly written and incredibly funny” ~Guilty Pleasures CLICK HERE TO PREORDER SMALLTOWN HEAT TODAY Available in eBook and Print Please enjoy this EXCERPT from “Bobby” in SMALLTOWN HEAT Bobby Barton sat in the farthest corner table in the diner with his back to the wall so he could watch the door. His friend Jared Gordon sat opposite, coffee mug in hand. It was a sad day when a man, an officer of the law […]

A Red Hot & Blue Freebie to Tempt You

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While you’re waiting for September 19th and the release of RED BLOODED, now is the perfect time to grab the newly recovered, freshly reedited and updated and, for the moment, FREE Red Hot & Blue series bonus read BB DALTON. If you don’t already have it, download the eBook of BB DALTON today, free* at all the major vendors. BB DALTON LINKS HERE *Just a reminder that although I have set BB Dalton FREE ($0.00) for all territories worldwide, the price is at the vendors’ discretion and is subject to change without notice. The price you see on the buy page is the price you will be charged. I can issue no rain checks or refunds.