What Can Readers Do to Help Authors?

Often readers don’t know how to help their favorite authors. Here are a few quick tips. Even though doing all of the below would be absolutely awesome, we know you’re busy so ANY of the below you manage would really help other readers discover our books.

How you can help support Escape with a Hot SEAL #HotSEALs 


Follow me on INSTAGRAM, Like my author page on FACEBOOK, Follow me on TWITTER @Cat_Johnson then LIKE what I post. (It might be an IMAGE, or a QUOTE GRAPHICS, or a link.

Escape with a Hot SEAL

Even better, is if you have the time to COMMENT and SHARE the posts. The way Instagram and Facebook are set up, the more love a post gets (comments, likes, shares) the more they will show it to other users, and comments and shares count more than likes.

Also you don’t have to just share what I post. Feel free to post something as simple as “Reading the new Cat Johnson Hot SEALs release and loving it!” or something equally nice 🙂

Pro Tip: photos are pure GOLD on social media. Posting a pic of your eReader with the book cover showing and your favorite drink as you get ready to settle in to read, or a picture of the paperback and your beach chair, are the kind of priceless promotion authors and other readers love to see.


If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please post a review on the vendor where you bought it and also on Amazon US. The more positive reviews the better when it comes to gaining favor with the ever mysterious Amazon algorithms that decide what titles get visibility and which will wallow in obscurity amid the millions of other titles. Also, many advertising companies will only let us run a paid ad if our book has a certain number of reviews and above a certain star rating (usually over 4 stars).

3. GOODREADS: Add the book to your TBR shelf on GOODREADS before it releases, and after you’ve read it, if you enjoyed it, please rate and review it there.

Thank you for everything you already do, I appreciate it all. And if you’re not on any of the above websites, that’s perfectly okay. Old school works too. Loan your paperback to a friend. And the next time someone asks, “What are you reading?”, tell them. Word of mouth is advertising authors can’t pay for. We have to earn it through loyal readers such as you.

Thanks for reading!



My TWO TIMES AS HOT Contest Ends Soon!

Exciting happenings this week…

Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights Series)In this week’s PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, the reviewer called me ‘clever’ and said about TWO TIMES AS HOT

“Impressively fresh… [Johnson’s] dialogue lilts off the tongue, and her earlier characters continue developing alongside Emma and Logan, keeping returning readers engaged. Johnson’s fans will be looking forward to the next in the series. ”

So yay for Publishers Weekly!!

Next up, I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Savannah, Georgia at the Authors After Dark Convention, which is totally cool.

AND so, to further celebrate, I’m running a contest! Do you want a paperback ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of TWO TIMES AS HOT, in your hot little hand a month before the public release? You’re in luck because I’m giving one away in a Rafflecopter drawing that will end at the stroke of midnight on my birthday. So don’t delay, there’s only a couple of days left. It’s easy to enter. Click on the link below.

ENTER TO WIN AT THE RAFFLECOPTER here OR here at the alternate a Rafflecopter giveaway link

RT Book Reviews says FLANKED is “smart, sassy & intensely sexy”!

If you’re not a romance writer or an avid reader, you may have never heard of RT Book Reviews (formerly known as Romantic Times, not RT). If you think back though, you may remember seeing me posting or heard me talking about “going to RT” which is author-speak for attending the huge (like 2000 people big) Romantic Times Booklovers Convention held each spring and sponsored by the aforementioned RT Book Reviews magazine.

Now that you have the background I can get to the good stuff. RT reviewers can be tough, for lack of a better word. To get reviewed by them at all can be tricky. I personally consider a 3 star review from RT a rave and to date, that’s all I’ve ever gotten from them. I’ve seen big name authors get 2 stars, at which point I empathized, cringed and held my breath yesterday when looking for reviews for my September Studs in Spurs eBook release, Flanked, to send to my publisher. These are to be included in the print version coming out next year, which in true publishing fashion we are working on now. So back to the story…yesterday as I’m Googling, I saw there was a review from RT for my yet to be released FLANKED, but I couldn’t see the review itself.

Now, I’ll gladly drop the thousand dollars (usually much more) to attend the annual RT convention, but I’m too cheap to pay the $29 or whatever it is subscribe to the magazine. They’ve only reviewed me 3 times or so, and that was years ago and I can get the content eventually later online anyway. So there I sat with a link to my review and no way to see it unless I found someone who had a log in. I considered subscribing just to read it, but I was sitting at the gate in the Atlanta airport and didn’t feel confident whipping out my credit card then and there to do it, but that was going to be my last resort upon arriving home. Luckily one of my friends is very connected. Her subscription had run out but she thought she could find someone with an active subscription to go and look up my review. So when I woke up this morning, after an entire day and night of nail biting worry, there was the most incredible thing waiting for me–a 4 star, glowing review for FLANKED! Nice way to start to day. And an even nicer thing to paste into my Galley Proof document to be added by Samhain to the front of Flanked when it releases in print next year.

Now, I don’t want to go to RT jail, so I’m only going to post a short snippet below. Just enough so you can share my joy! 4 Stars from RT!

“Smart, sassy and intensely sexy, this fifth installment in the Studs in Spurs series is unbridled entertainment from start to finish. Combining a charmingly earnest hero and an admirably strong, no-nonsense heroine leads to chemistry that’s both surprising and engrossing. Best of all, this is a story with depth as well as heat…“ RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

For the full review those who subscribe to RT Book Reviews can see the rest in the print magazine, or online by logging in. For the rest, the review will be visible in a few months on their site.

When you love somebody…

When you love somebody, let the whole world know.

Being self-centered (I blame it on the fact I’m an only child), I’m talking specifically here about readers and authors. Love an author? Leave them a written review on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble or Borders or AllRomance for the books of theirs that you have read. Hell, even if you love their written voice and their other books but didn’t particularly care for this one certain book, write that too. That’s perfectly fine.

Honest, well thought-out, intelligent reader reviews are always welcomed by any author. Tastes are subjective. I refuse to drink Diet Pepsi but love Diet Coke. Half of the world probably feels the exact opposite. The same goes for books. As long as the reader explains what they did or did not like about a particular book then everyone can benefit from the review–the author, other potential readers and the reviewer themselves.

So when you love something, don’t set it free like that old saying goes. Review it instead!

Oooo and I almost forgot. I just posted the first three complete chapters of Educating Ansley as a free sample. HERE

New Review for JIMMY (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 3)

JimmyPerfect timing! A new review for Jimmy (Book 3) the same week Trey (Book 1) is being promoted at Amazon for Kindle.

“This fast-moving book was hard, almost impossible, to put down… The sexual tension helped make the storyline the winner it is…I highly recommend this book.”

Rated 5 Hearts by Brenda Talley.

Read the full review at The Romance Studio

Dear Author…

RideIf you’re a romance reader you may have heard of her, if you’re a romance author, you definitely have–I’m speaking of Jayne of the Dear Author blog. What you may not know is 1) she’s a PBR fan 2) she has a strange fascination with stripper heroines and 3) she liked my book!

“I enjoyed reading the book. Chase is a wonderful hero and I think he’s made a good choice in Leesa. The prose is smoothly written, the pacing is good, there aren’t any extraneous subplots mucking up the action and I like the background details seamlessly worked into the story. I hope that you continue the series as there are a few potential heroes I’d love to see find their own special heroine.”  Jayne, Dear Author

From a blog and a reviewer known to never pull punches, this is high praise indeed! Take a look at what else she had to say about RIDE (Studs in Spurs, Book 3) HERE

Now, here is the small issue with this wonderful review being posted today, the Samhain website and the My Bookstore and More site is down for maintenance all week sooooo if you want to see more of RIDE or purchase the eBook you will have to look at ARe, BN, Borders, Books on Board or Fictionwise. Links are found HERE


The new site is up and running. One change is that the publishing site and the retail site (formerly My Bookstore & More) are more seamlessly integrated. It seems as if the book link will forward to the new site, but my old Samhain author page link is showing as not found so please bear with me as I locate and update that link across the web.

Review for Jack “the perfect love potion”

JACK (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 2)

“Going home was never so good.  Jack shows us that when one door closes then a window can open up for romance…  Jack took a little humor, a little spice and a little danger, stirred it up and found the perfect love potion.”

Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

Read the full review at Joyfully Reviewed

Praise for UNRIDDEN’S Smokin’ Hot Cowboys

UNRIDDEN (Studs in Spurs, Book 1)

‎”Yowza, what a smoking’ hot read!

Unridden is an extremely erotic book that will warm you up right away, no doubt. One of the best menage books I’ve ever read, complete with two very sexy cowboys!”

5 Ravens from Ashley, Blackraven’s Reviews


“…a smooth talking, woman loving cowboy”

Thank you to reviewer Michele and The Romance Studio for the great new review of BUCKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 2).

(I’m sure you bull riding fans out there will notice the error in the first paragraph and get a little chuckle because of course the main character Mustang didn’t last for an eight MINUTE ride, but rather eight SECONDS!)

” Bucked is a rodeo story featuring Mustang Jackson a smooth talking woman loving cowboy. His fun loving nature is put to the test when he survives an eight minute [second] bull ride to only then discover the adrenaline masked a very serious injury. He is suddenly no longer able to earn an income riding bulls and is put on the injury list for many weeks to recover. Going home to a father disappointed in his career choice has never been appealing to Mustang. And more surprises are just around the corner when he discovers Sage a childhood friend is gown up and ready for her turn on this cowboy. They do not call him Mustang for nothing. Will he stick around for more than an eight minute [second] ride with Sage? And can his heart survive? …Sparks fly in this sexy cowboy story.”

Michele,  The Romance Studio

Read the full review

Bucked is currently available in eBook and will release in print December 2010.

Review for BUCKED

“Oh, my goodness – what drama! …Cat Johnson has outdone herself yet again. You, the reader, will truly feel the cowboy life through her words… I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.” Lace, Blackraven Reviews


Thank you to Lace for this fab review, and what perfect timing! BUCKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 2) is available now in eBook but UNRIDDEN (Studs in Spurs, Book 1) releases in Print September 7th!