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Countdown to Release Day Excerpt WRECKED


Professional cowboy and alpha male to the tenth power, Wade Long is intent on showing billionaire CeCe Cole who’s boss both in and out of the bedroom.

It’s all good until Wade realizes he wants her for the long haul, not just the short go. But how can a working class Texan traveling the pro bull riding circuit and a spoiled rich California CEO make it work?

In eBook & Print August 18



Wrecked Quote Graphic

Please enjoy this R-rated Excerpt from WRECKED (Studs in Spurs)

Dammit. Now she wanted him again.

As he smiled and moved toward her, she had a feeling she might get exactly what she wanted. He lifted her up and set her on the counter just to the side of all his breakfast preparations.

Stepping in between her thighs, Wade moved in for a kiss. At the same time he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh.

“What about the bacon?” she asked, not really caring.

“It’ll hold. I’m hungry for something else.” He moved to nibbling on her neck while slipping his other hand inside her robe to fondle her breast. “Mmm, I like this easy access attire.”

Leaning back, he untied the belt and pushed open the sides of her robe to feast on her breasts. One tug on her nipple with his mouth and she was a goner. She exhaled on a moan.

She felt him smile against her breast. The man truly enjoyed making her lose control. She should probably be grateful for that. It meant he tried to do it often. Her pleasure had never really been John’s concern.

The sound of a gasp brought CeCe’s head around.

Her housekeeper stood wide-eyed in the doorway. “Mrs. Cole.”

CeCe pushed Wade back and yanked the sides of her robe together, tying the belt tight. “Maria.”

Shit. CeCe had lost track of the time. Wade was quite the distraction.

It was Tuesday and Maria worked Tuesday through Saturday, but CeCe didn’t realize it was late enough for her to be here already.

“What time is it? Are you early?”

“No, ma’am. It’s almost eight. You say I must be here by eight to make your coffee before you leave for work.”

She couldn’t fault her employee. Those were Maria’s instructions, but today, work was the dead last thing on CeCe’s mind.

She got a glimpse of Wade’s amused expression as he remained right where he had been, between her legs, preventing her from getting down off the counter.

He didn’t seem at all disturbed that he was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but underwear and sporting a hard-on that Maria would have to be blind to miss.

Meanwhile, Maria looked at a complete loss at what to do and where to look as she diverted her gaze to the ceiling and then the floor.

CeCe had to get herself together. It was bad enough she hadn’t gone into the office yesterday, and today wasn’t looking promising for work either. The least she could do was maintain control in her own household with her staff.

“Coffee and breakfast are already made so why don’t you go do whatever else you were going to do today?”

“I wash the sheets on Tuesdays.”

“Good. Go do that.” CeCe jumped on the task that would put Maria at the other end of the house.

Wade let out a soft laugh. “Good idea.”

He was no doubt thinking the same thing she was. How sweaty and—God help her—full of spilled lube those bed sheets would be. After yesterday, they needed washing.

“Yes, ma’am.” With one more quick glance at Wade and CeCe, sitting on the counter where she’d never ever sat before, Maria spun and left the room.

“Oh my God.” CeCe let out a deep breath. He grinned, making her mad enough to slap his arm. “It’s not funny.”

“It’s very funny. A few minutes later and she would have gotten even more of an eyeful because I was fixin’ to get creative with the maple syrup. And now that I think about it, that there bacon grease has all sorts of potential.”


“CeCe!” He mocked her before turning serious. “Your divorce is final. Right?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Then as a single adult you’re allowed to live a little.”


“Let it go. Don’t make me distract you.” His tone held a warning.

She could only imagine what distraction he’d come up with this time.

If she didn’t do as he asked she could find herself tied spread eagle to the table and covered in syrup. If not being violated by Wade with the help of bacon grease.

She glared at him until, shaking his head, he moved in between her legs again.

“CeCe, you heard Maria. She’s going to be busy cleaning our sex sheets. I can, and I will, take you right here, right now. Don’t think I won’t. So get rid of that attitude.”

She didn’t doubt it. Wade always seemed to get his way, no matter what she wanted. Or thought she wanted.

John had been a pussy when it came to the bedroom. She didn’t quite know what to do with a man with a dominant personality—except give in.

And enjoy it. Though she’d never admit that to Wade.

He waited patiently, watching her for her answer as to whether she was going to relax and enjoy their meal or if he’d have to force her to have sex in the kitchen while Maria was just down the hall.

Quite honestly, his threat excited her. Just as much as her picturing how creative Wade might get with the various items in the kitchen at his disposal.

Damn man. He’d perverted her without her giving him permission to do so . . . and had made her come harder than she ever had in her life yesterday.

Scowling, CeCe sighed. “Okay. Fine. I’ll stop worrying. Just keep that bacon grease away from me.”

Wade lifted a brow. “Just hearing that come out of your pretty little mouth is giving me ideas so I really can’t make any promises.”

CeCe sighed deep even as her ass clenched at the thought of him sliding inside her. “You’re incredibly trying. You know that?”

“Right back at ya, beautiful.” He grinned and then took a step back. Reaching for a frying pan, he glanced in her direction. “Now, how do you like your eggs?”

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