Contrary to popular belief the restaurant in ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY where the characters go for the fried bologna sandwich, Joseph’s Fine Foods, is a real place. It’s located in Drumright, Oklahoma. Stop by & say hi to Jamey and the staff!

Read the bologna backstory hereSunset over Josephs Fine Foods Drumright
LISTEN HERE to a funny audio rendition of the fried bologna scene on a Texas radio station. Read the radio station’s article HERE

National Bologna Day at Joseph's Fine Food Drumright OK

Natl Bologna Day Proclamation

in the Drumright Gusher

Infamous Fried Bologna Sandwich on the Lunch Menu Oklahoma Nights

 The Drumright Gusher Article

Josephs Crew with Cat at BN

Jamey At Josephs Fine Foods

Available ONLY at Joseph's Fine Foods in Drumright, OK

Keep Calm and Eat Bologna Coasters at Joseph's Fine Foods Drumright, OK

Joseph's Fine Foods Signature Fried Bologna

Joseph's Fine Foods Bologna Sticker

Keep Calm and Eat Bologna

Keep Calm and Eat Bologna Cat Johnson Magnets

Josephs Fine Foods Fried Bologna Sandwich Cat Johnson Magnet

Joseph's Fine Foods Drumright OK

Keep Calm and Eat Bologna Grocery Bags at Joseph's Fine Foods

Fried Bologna "To Go" at Joseph's Fine Foods

Yoda Likes Joseph's Fried Bologna

Pro Rodeo Announcer Kent Morris