I’ve got your butter cookie recipe right here!

This recipe makes the perfect butter cookie for Santa’s annual cookies and milk offering. It was my grandmother’s recipe and I grew up eating these. Bake some for your family today!

Butter Cookie Recipe

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Butter Cookies

2 thoughts on “I’ve got your butter cookie recipe right here!

  1. Approximately how many cookies does this make, I have to bake 2 gross of cookies this weekend for the exchange and this sounds perfect for one of them but I need some idea of how many I can get from one recipe so I can plan.

    1. It depends on 1) how thin you roll the dough and 2) what size cookie cutter you use. For like a small star shape, it will make 2-3 dozen, I think. I sometimes cut the recipe in half because it makes so many. 2 gross, wow! Good luck!

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