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As more wedding invites pour in, Zane Alexander is happy that he and Missy don’t need a legal document to prove their love. Or at least he didn’t think they did. Lately, he’s beginning to wonder if they’re still on the same page regarding their official relationship status or if he’s going to have to seal the deal. He’s happy to do just that, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time might cost him the chance . . . and his life.


20 years ago

“Missy.” After a few seconds, there was another, “Missy!” The whisper was louder this time.

At the sound of her name being hissed from one of the church pews to her left, Missy glanced over. She saw her mother, camera held in front of her face, standing next to her father.

Missy didn’t miss a beat in her carefully measured step toward the altar as she held her basket of pink rose petals and smiled for the photo.

They’d rehearsed this long walk down the aisle last night lots of times.

Being a flower girl in her cousin Coreene’s wedding was a huge deal, even if she wasn’t the only one. Her cousin Amelia—Meli for short—walked just in front of Missy with her basket of white petals.

In the beginning she’d been upset that Meli got to walk in first, until her mom had pulled her aside and told her that on the way into the church the most important people went last.

Her younger cousin Meli might have been the first one to walk on that perfect white cloth that led to the altar, but Missy got to walk right in front of the first bridesmaid, who was in front of the maid of honor, who led the bride.

Clearly Missy’s was a more important position than Meli’s.

Of course, she didn’t tell Meli that little secret. Her cousin was two years younger. Five-year-olds didn’t understand things the way seven-year-olds did.

Missy had finished first grade and was about to enter second in the fall. She knew more about the world than Meli, who had just finished kindergarten.

But school felt like years away from where she was now in her pretty white dress with the wide pale blue ribbon tied around her waist.

Her mom said the ribbon matched her eyes and acted like that was a good thing, so Missy was making sure to look everyone straight in the eye today to make sure they noticed.

It was a good day except that one of the hairpins keeping the flower wreath on top of her head was tugging her hair. She had to fight the urge to rub the spot.

The pain was worth it though, because she loved the tiny pink, white and blue flower ring sitting on top of her curls.

She only hoped the flowers lasted a long time. She wanted to bring the floral wreath to the country club to show her friends tomorrow.

Meli wore a matching floral crown. The only difference was Meli had straight hair so the lady who came to Coreene’s house early this morning to make them all pretty had to curl Meli’s hair so it matched Missy’s natural blonde curls.

As people smiled and said “Ooo” and “Ah” as she walked by, Missy was pretty sure this was the best day of her life.

Well, the best day until the day she got married herself. That would be the absolute best day ever. Then she’d be the one walking into the church last—the most important person in the wedding—the bride.

And she’d get to pick the flowers and the dresses and the colors for her attendants. Although she was pretty sure she’d pick the same that Coreene had because she couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful.

She was almost to the end of the aisle. She saw the groom and his friends standing and smiling at her as she walked toward them.

Missy reached the altar and pivoted to walk to her place to the side before turning to face the guests and wait for the bride. She got a full view of just how many people were here and how perfect everything was.

Yup. Best day ever. And tomorrow—not tonight because that was the big wedding party, but first thing in the morning—she’d start a scrapbook of all her wedding ideas. That way when her wedding day came she’d be totally ready.

She even knew who she wanted her groom to be. Zane Alexander.

Missy spotted him now, looking bored in the pew next to his mother and father.

She didn’t blame him. He was twelve. He would probably rather be hanging out with his friends at the club than sitting in a suit with his parents on what had turned out to be a warm and sunny perfect June day.

It was okay he was pouting today, because when it was her day and he was the man standing at the end of the aisle waiting for her to get there in her long white dress and veil, she knew he’d be smiling just like the groom was now.

Then they’d ride off in a horse-drawn carriage to their happily ever after. Just like a fairytale.

Missy counted the years on her fingers hidden by the basket.


Only eleven more years until she was old enough to marry Zane. Then she, Melissa Greenwood, would become Mrs. Zane Alexander.

Her heart beat faster at the thought. She absolutely couldn’t wait!

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