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Say Hello to Hot SEALs Brody!

Hello Brody Sept 22

Meet Brody! Although, the reality is that you’ve already met him. First in Night with a SEAL (Book 1), but he really made an impression in the end of Saved by a SEAL (Book 2). After finishing that story last September, my mother called and said, “I hope Brody’s story is next.”

I apologize for the year long wait but Brody’s story is finally here. LOVED BY A SEAL is releasing in just two weeks, September 22, and is on preorder now in eBook and print.

Preorder now at:   Amazon   iBooks   Google  (BN, Kobo, ARe to come)

As we wait for release day, here’s a short snippet from that scene from Saved by a SEAL that had readers (at least my mother) clamoring for more of the southern charmer, Brody. Enjoy!


The man watching what was happening behind the truck while Zane watched what was in front, glanced quickly at her. “You doing a’ight, Miss Greenwood?”

She couldn’t see him clearly in the dark while he was wearing grease paint, but she recognized the southern drawl. It was Brody who’d guarded the entrance to the tent while Jon had freed them.


Finally letting herself breathe as she squelched the fear that they’d be attacked, Missy looked around at who else was in the truck with her.

In the dark, huddled together and silent except for one who was weeping softly, were six of the girls. Diana sat opposite Missy, her arm around one of the students. Missy tried to catch her friend’s eye, wanted to ask her without words if the girls were all right, but in the darkness it was too hard.

Maybe it was better if she didn’t know. She dreaded seeing the girls in the daylight. Seeing what damage the men had inflicted.

“How did you find us?” Missy asked, raising her voice so Brody could hear. Talking seemed to help and Brody seemed willing to talk, even if Zane no longer was.

He angled his head to her even while watching the forest around them. “Leads from the locals. Drone surveillance. A damn good bit of luck.”

That last part struck her as funny. Missy let out a laugh even as the tears started to flow. She covered her mouth with her hand to hold in the sobs. All that could have happened to her, all that had happened, it seemed to hit her all at once. Now that she might actually be safe, she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Missy.” The sound of Zane’s voice brought her head up.

“I’m sorry.” A sob followed her apology.

“Christ. Don’t apologize.” He reached down and pulled her by the arm. It would have been impossible to stand in the bouncing truck as it jolted along the rough road if he hadn’t tucked her in between him and the back window of the cab. “Listen to me. I need to do my job to get you out of here safely.”

“I know.” Just the warmth of his hard body pressed against hers calmed her. She could handle this version of Zane if he continued to hold her like he was.

“But after we get back . . .” He let the sentence trail off as he looked down at her.

“After we get back?” She waited for him to finish.

At this close distance she felt him draw in a deep breath. Zane mumbled a low curse before he leaned down and delivered one hard, fast kiss to her lips before he broke away. He took one more look at her and then returned his attention to the forest surrounding them.

“Hey, now. I would have volunteered for that there duty if anybody had asked me.”

“Shut up, Brody,” Zane yelled to the back of the truck.

Missy saw Brody grin before he went back to watching the road behind them.

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      I’m concerned you’re not seeing a price because you should be, even in preorder, so I checked the Amazon listing on the mobile site on my cell phone, on my tablet and on a computer and the preorder price shows everywhere, although the little red numbers were easy to miss beneath my name on the mobile site I really had to look for it. I also checked the iBooks store on my iPad and the preorder price shows (in orange instead of blue to denote preorder) except for the books I already owned, in which case it just says READ.

      Anyway, Loved by a SEAL is $2.99 USD, like the other titles in the Hot SEALs Series of the same length.

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