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Studs in Spurs
Unridden (Book 1 – Slade & Mustang) eBook & Print
Bucked (Book 2 – Mustang) eBook & Print
Ride (Book 3 – Chase)-eBook & Print
Hooked (Book 4 – Luke)-eBook & Print
Flanked (Book 5 – Garret)- eBook & Print
Thrown (Book 6 – Skeeter) – eBook & Print
Champion (Book 7 – Cooper) eBook & Print
Spurred (Book 8 – Aaron) eBook & Print
Wrecked (Book 9 – Wade) eBook & Print

The Rookie (Deleted Scene from BUCKED-Mustang & Chase)
8 Second Ride (Short Story-Chase)

Oklahoma Nights
One Night with a Cowboy, (Book 1) -eBook & Paperback
“Fish Out of Water” novella (in the He’s the One anthology)
Two Times as Hot (Book 2)  eBook & Paperback
Three Weeks with a Bull Rider  (Book 3) eBook & Paperback
Two For the Road” novella (in the In A Cowboy’s Bed anthology)

Midnight Cowboys
Midnight Ride (Book 1- Tyler Jenkins) eBook, Paperback, Audio
Midnight Wrangler (Book 2 – Rohn Lerner) Nov 24 eBook & Paperback
Midnight Heat (Book 3 – Justin Skaggs)  Coming Feb 2016

Night with a SEAL eBook, Print, Audiobook
Saved by a SEAL  eBook, Print, Audiobook
SEALed at Midnight  eBook, Print, Audiobook
Kissed by a SEAL  eBook, Print, Audiobook
Protected by a SEAL eBook, Print, (Audio Coming Soon)
Loved by a SEAL eBook, Print

Tempted by a SEAL eBook, Print Jan 12, 2016

Wed to a SEAL eBook, Print Apr 12, 2016

Red, Hot & Blue

  1. Trey (Book 1) eBook
  2. Jack (Book 2) eBook
  3. Jimmy (Book 3) eBook NOTE: Trey, Jack & Jimmy are bundled in PRINT as RED BLOODED 
  4. Jared (Book 4) eBook
  5. Cole (Book 5) eBook
  6. Bobby (Book 6) eBook NOTE: Jared, Cole & Bobby will be bundled for Print as SMALLTOWN HEAT available in Trade Paperback now
  7. A Few Good Men-A RHB NOVEL (Book 7) eBook & print
  8. Model Soldier– A RHB NOVEL (Book 8 )  eBook & print. Don’t miss the lead in story to Model Soldier — BB Dalton !
  9. A Prince Among Men-A RHB NOVEL (Book 9) eBook & print
  10. Bull (Book 10)  eBook
  11. Matt (Book 11)  eBook
  12. The Commander (Book 12) eBook

The Trilogy Collection
Opposites Attract (Trilogy #1)- Brad/Alyssa, Troy/Amy, Antonio/Maddy
Nice & Naughty (Trilogy #2)- appearances by Troy and Antonio and their firemen friends
Black Cat– (FREE READ) Belinda and Lar’s story featuring Donna & Grace
Just Desserts (Trilogy #3)-Donna’s and Grace’s stories, with their friend Jade

Eros’s Valentine
The above 4 stories are compiled in OLYMPUS

Texas Two-Step (Wes/Maryann/Shooter, M/F/M)
Texas Two-Step: Cowboy Shuffle (Shooter & Ellen)

 A Cowboy for Christmas (Cattle boss Bonner Blue Boyd & Casey, M/F)
Valentine Cowboys (Ranch hands Justus & Dakota, M/F/M menage)

Crossing the Line (eBook novella – Beau & Carrie)
Cinderella Liberty (eBook novella – Crash & Trish)