Night with a SEAL Release Schedule Timeline

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JULY 22 NIGHT WITH A SEAL releases in eBOOK as part of the Hot Alpha SEALs Megaset  Preorder for 99 cents on Amazon NOW. At BN for Nook, iBooks, Kobo and ARe on or about 7/22 ~ MID-AUGUST Night with a SEAL will be available as an individual eBook in all digital formats everywhere! ~ JULY 7 NIGHT WITH A SEAL is in PAPERBACK NOW! AMAZON US     AMAZON UK      AMAZON.DE    AMAZON.IT   AMAZON.FR   AMAZON.ES CREATESPACE (More distribution outlets coming soon. Or ask your local bookstore to order you a copy.) ~ AUGUST/SEPTEMBER NIGHT WITH A SEAL in AUDIOBOOK In production now! Coming later this summer from ACX/Audible ~ September 16th Look for SAVED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs Book 2) in eBook everywhere! ~ KISSED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs Book 3) DATE TBA

July 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper featuring Hot Alpha SEALS

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Where the heck has June gone?! I mean I blink and it’s almost July 4th weekend?! Anyway, here is your July installment of hot desktop computer wallpaper, available with or without a July 2014 calendar page. Feel free to download and to share. And if you like hot alpha Navy SEAL heroes in your romance books, don’t forget to grab your preorder for Hot Alpha SEALs on Amazon while it’s still 99 cents for 12 novella by 12 of some of your favorite military romance authors. This hefty box set, weighing in at just under 400,000 words, will release on July 22nd and before you ask, yes, we’ll eventually have it up for sale on all the usual eBook vendors, but no, it is not going to print in paperback. It is a limited time promotional bundle that will come off sale in a few months. For those of you following my promo, THIS is the box set that my new Hot SEALs series will debut in and until September, it’s the only place to get Book 1 in the series, NIGHT WITH A SEAL. Download with Calendar Download Wallpaper without calendar FIND MORE AND DIFFERENT WALLPAPERS


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Cinderella Liberty By Cat Johnson Only in the UNIFORM DESIRES Box Set at Amazon, Nook and Kobo for 99 cent intro pricing. Marine Gunnery Sergeant John “Crash” O’Malley has two goals for the immediate future. One, enjoy his liberty in New York City, and two, survive his deployment to Afghanistan. What he didn’t plan on is Trish. A guy can’t have a one-night stand with his best friend’s sister and then abandon her at midnight when his liberty ends, but starting a new relationship days before shipping out would be crazy. Then again, Crash never did do things the easy way. What he doesn’t realize is that his friend’s displeasure over Crash breaking the “no sisters rule” is nothing compared to what the insurgents have in store for them in the Helmand Province. Now it’s a matter of survival because Crash’s new objective is to get home and make Trish his. CINDERELLA LBERTY EXCERPT: Camp Leatherneck/Bastion Helmand Province, Afghanistan August 2013 The night sky lit with the glowing red trails of incoming fire. It was like the Fourth of July back home, but a hell of a lot less fun. Instead of being in a tank top and shorts, kicking back […]