RED BLOODED has a new look! #CoverReveal

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  FIND BUY LINKS & READ AN EXCERPT HERE What’s been occupying my time? THIS!! RED BLOODED finally has a new cover just in time for the preorder for its September 19 rerelease. I’ve been busy getting the reissues of the RED HOT & BLUE series ready, which includes updating and reediting the manuscripts, formatting and uploading them to the vendors and of course, giving the books a fresh new cover look. Read all about the RHB series (past, present and future) HERE. Thank you to the fabulous Rebekah Zink for this cover for RED BLOODED, book 1 and the first reissue in the Red Hot & Blue series, on preorder now for the September 19th rerelease.

It’s a #HotSEALs Cover Reveal – Matched with a Hot SEAL

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The next standalone Hot SEALs romance… Matched with a Hot SEAL When computer guru Will Weber puts the fate of his love life in the hands of a dating app and his teammates, he learns what real terror feels like. AND NOW FOR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! THE BIG REVEAL! Meet Hot SEALs Will Weber! Preorder Now for Oct 10th eBook/Paperback Delivery iBooks Kobo Amazon Google Play Barnes & Noble While you’re waiting catch up with the rest of the Hot SEALs HERE! And don’t forget Tuesday is Hot SEALs New Release Day!

The Story Behind the Story – Midnight Cowboys’ Rohn

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A lovely email from a reader this morning prompted me to write this post. She had just finished reading Midnight Ride, featuring Tyler Jenkins as the hero and Rohn Lerner as his boss and future hero of Book 2 in the Midnight Cowboys series titled MIDNIGHT WRANGLER. She was curious to know how to pronounce Rohn’s name, because of the odd spelling with the ‘h’. I totally get that!! I hate when I’m reading a book and I don’t know how the name is pronounced so I decided to clear up the doubt for readers of the series right now. ROHN IS PROUNOUNCED LIKE “JOHN” Why the added ‘h’? There’s a good reason. Picture it… I’m in Vegas for the PBR Finals a couple of years ago (that’s Professional Bull Riders, for you city folk) and my friends and I are sitting in the bar at Mandalay Bay, if memory serves. There are bull riders and fans alike swarming around like bees on a summer day, and good bar real estate was hard to procure but we managed to grab a table and four stools, and the drinks were flowing. Next to us in that crowded bar sat a sexy […]