January 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s almost 2018?! It certainly snuck up on me. And so did the next Hot SEALs new release. SEAL the Deal releases the second week of January and is on preorder now. Enjoy this desktop wallpaper featuring Hot SEALs Zane, available for free download with or without the January 2018 calendar page. SEAL THE DEAL (Hot SEALs) As more wedding invites pour in, Navy SEAL Zane Alexander is happy that he and Missy don’t need a legal document to prove their love. Or at least he didn’t think they did. Lately, he’s beginning to wonder if they’re still on the same page regarding their official relationship status or if he’s going to have to seal the deal. He’s happy to do just that, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time might cost him the chance . . . and his life. PREORDER SEAL THE DEAL DOWNLOAD WITH JANUARY CALENDAR DOWNLOAD WITHOUT CALENDAR