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Matched with a Hot SEAL

When computer guru Will Weber puts the fate of his love life in the hands of a dating app and his teammates, he learns what real terror feels like.


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Matched with a Hot SEAL

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New Release! Romanced by a SEAL (Hot SEALs)

Jon and Ali have been together since I started the Hot SEALs series in 2014. They met in Book 1 Night with a SEAL and, as readers and reviewers have so lovingly pointed out, Jon never proposed . . . until now! But you know the course of true love never did run smooth and that’s true here as well. Ali is making Jon work for it! Please enjoy the below excerpt from ROMANCED BY A SEAL, available now in eBook and paperback.

Hot SEAL s Book 9

Romanced by a SEAL (Hot SEALs)

As a SEAL, Jon Rudnick dodged copper and lead without flinching, but just the thought of one tiny gold band around his ring finger has always sent him into a cold sweat. Love is one thing, but marriage is another. He’s not sure he’s ready for that just yet . . . until a near miss serves as a wake-up call he can’t ignore.

Now he’s ready, but his girlfriend Ali has gone from rushing him toward the altar, to running in the opposite direction at full speed. Hell if Jon can figure out why, but he knows one thing. All’s fair in love and war and he’s not going to rest until he makes Ali his again. This time for good.

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Romanced by a SEAL Hot SEALs #9

Romanced by a SEAL Excerpt

Jon drove faster than he should have given the conditions and it wasn’t long before he stood at the door of his condo.

He drew in a big breath as the emotions he’d kept on lockdown while he’d been gone started to surface, unlocked the door and swung it open.

The first sight to greet him was Ali, curled up on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket.

At the sound of his entering, she spun around. Her eyes flew wide when she saw him in the doorway . . . before they narrowed beneath her frown.

“Nice to see you made it home alive. And nice to see that you finally shaved.” She’d obviously gotten over her shock of seeing him home and had moved right on to her anger over him being gone.

It didn’t take a genius to see she was good and pissed at him, but he didn’t care. He’d been to hell, danced with the devil and made it back to her and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to at least kiss her now.

Determined, he strode across the room, pulled her off the sofa and drew her to him in an embrace that was as much for his benefit as hers.

She let him hold her, but she remained stiff in his arms. He decided to take what he could get and be grateful.

“I know you’re mad but it’s so good to hold you.” The words were muffled as he clasped her tight and buried his face against her hair. She smelled familiar and felt like home.

He’d missed her. He didn’t realize how much until now while she was in his arms. He pulled back and tipped her face up. There was no controlling the urge to take her mouth.

The danger of posing as an ISIS fighter hadn’t scared him as much as knowing that just days away from being safely home and with Ali he’d nearly died.

It only proved what he knew already. No one could predict what could happen or when. He could live to a hundred or he could die tomorrow. It was about time he started really living.

“God, I missed you.” The words were barely out before he crushed his mouth against hers.

Overwhelmed by the need to feel safe and alive, he kissed her hard and thoroughly. The long list of miracles that had brought him home mostly unscathed grew by one more when Ali didn’t push him away.

She sank into his kiss, clinging to him through the jacket he’d never taken the time to remove.

He wanted to get her to the bedroom. Wanted the clothes separating them—his damp ones and her warm ones—gone.

But he wanted something else more.

Breaking the kiss, he blurted out the words that would make her his for the rest of his life. “Marry me.”

She pulled back from him. “What?”

“Marry me.” Now that he’d said it once, the words spilled out even easier.

Her eyes narrowed. “Why are you asking me that now?”

“What?” He was too confused to comprehend her frown or the suspicion in her tone. Wasn’t this what she’d wanted?

“Did you come right here or stop somewhere first?”

Further confused by that question, he said, “I stopped at the office.”

Her nostrils flared. She was mad he went to the office?

He continued, trying to diffuse this bomb while blind. “I had to. My truck was parked in the lot. And my house keys were there too. Ali, I don’t know what’s happening here. All I know is I want to marry you.”

“You didn’t before you left.”

“I did. I just—”

“I can’t be here with you right now.” After cutting him off she moved toward the door.

What the fuck had just happened?

How could things have gone to shit so fast? All he’d done was try to give her what she wanted. What he now realized he wanted too.

He knew one thing, as the tears streamed down her face and she struggled to get her shoes on by the door, he wasn’t going to be able to reason with her now.

“Ali. You stay. I’ll go.” Confused at why she refused to be under the same roof as him, Jon still wasn’t going to make her go out in the rain just to get away from him.

He knew he could crash at Chris and Brody’s apartment for the night. The office was probably a better bet. He really didn’t want to deal with any questions. This was his mess and he’d deal with it on his own in private.

“No. You stay. This is your place. It was never mine. I can sleep at Darci’s. She already offered me Rick’s bedroom.”

Why the hell would Darci be offering her a place to sleep when Ali was living with him? What had happened while he’d been gone? Had Ali been confiding in Darci about wanting to leave him?

He had a feeling he wouldn’t like the answer.

Meanwhile, Ali continued to ramble as she reached for her jacket. “Sierra’s in LA filming a movie and Rick will be out there with her for the next few weeks. It’s been all over the television . . . but you wouldn’t know that since you haven’t been around.”

He didn’t argue that he probably wouldn’t have known about Sierra and her movie even if he had been around. If Rick wasn’t Darci’s brother, and Darci wasn’t Ali’s best friend, Sierra Cox wouldn’t even be on Jon’s radar.

He honestly couldn’t give a shit where Rick was at the moment. All he could focus on was that she was leaving for some reason he couldn’t even begin to guess. “Ali, I don’t want you to go. Can’t we talk about this?”

Dry-eyed now, she just shook her head. “I’m not sure you know what you want, Jon.”

There was no anger in the statement. Just resignation.

Jon would rather she yell at him. Rant. Throw things.

At least that would show some passion and make him feel as if she cared. Not like this new freakish calm that had settled over her as she grabbed her purse and walked out the door and out of his life.

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Night with a SEAL Hot SEALs series

Romanced by a SEAL Excerpt

Hot SEAL s 9 Ali Quote

Romanced by a SEAL (Hot SEALs 9)


As a SEAL, Jon Rudnick dodged copper and lead without flinching, but just the thought of one tiny gold band around his ring finger sends him into a cold sweat. Love is one thing, but marriage is another. He’s not sure he’s ready for that just yet. . . until a near miss serves as a wake-up call he can’t ignore.

Now he’s ready, but his girlfriend Ali has gone from rushing him toward the altar, to running in the opposite direction at full speed. Hell if Jon can figure out why, but he knows one thing. All’s fair in love and war and he’s not going to rest until he makes Ali his again. This time for good.

Romanced by a SEAL in eBook and Paperback Tues, July 12

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Too angry to eat the dinner she’d spent hours shopping for and preparing, Ali yanked hard on the kitchen drawer.

Just like everything else in Jon’s life, even the drawers in his condo were neatly organized. Rolls of plastic wrap lined up in precision formation amid aluminum foil and boxes of plastic bags in every size.

The sight only ramped up her anger.

Everything in Jon’s existence was in perfect order except for his relationship with her.

She was the messy junk drawer of his life.

That realization had her pausing, hand on the plastic wrap. No wonder he avoided spending time at home with her. Running out at every opportunity. Each excuse plausible but seeming more flimsy than the last.

It had been a mistake moving in together. Just because something made financial sense didn’t mean it was right.

Things between them had started to go downhill shortly after she’d moved in so it was pretty obvious to her that this decision, though practical, had been very, very wrong.

Hot angry tears pricked behind her eyes as she grabbed the wrap and yanked to tear off a piece.

The clingy plastic got tangled on the sharp serrated edge. She pawed at it but only ended up cutting her finger instead of the clear wrap.

“Shit.” Tossing the whole mess onto the counter, she shoved the stinging finger in her mouth and sucked at the thin stripe of red that appeared.

One handed as she nursed her wound, she grabbed her food-laden plate from the counter, intent on shoving it onto the fridge shelf uncovered.

Unwrapped food in the refrigerator—that would drive Jon crazy. Perfect. It would teach him for walking out—

again—this time after she’d gone to so much trouble to make a nice meal for him.

The spiteful thought had her feeling quite satisfied as she spun toward the fridge . . . and jumped as a scream tore from her throat.

That was followed directly by a huff of frustration. “Dammit, Jon. Will you please make some noise when you come in? You scared the hell out of me.”

“Sorry.” He tracked her with his eyes from where he stood in the kitchen doorway as she moved to the refrigerator.

Judging by the one brow he cocked up as he watched her, he definitely took notice of the unwrapped dish she shoved inside.

She closed the door and leveled a gaze on him, silently daring him to say a word. That he didn’t comment surprised her.

“What happened to your finger?” He lifted a chin toward the finger she held up in the air so she didn’t get blood on her clothes.

“I cut it on the plastic wrap box.”

He moved forward and took her hand in his, inspecting the wound. “You should clean it and put on a bandage.”

“It’s not that deep.” She hated that she couldn’t control how her heartbeat sped when he touched her.

“It could still get infected.” Standing close, he didn’t drop his hold on her hand.

She raised her gaze and found he was focused solely on her.

Those piercing blue eyes of his had gotten to her starting the first day she saw him on Rick and Darci’s front doorstep. When he looked at her like this, the depth of the feelings hidden within Jon’s eyes could still make her weak in the knees.

“Okay.” She felt breathless as she only vaguely remembered what she was agreeing to.

She reminded herself how often lately she’d seen those eyes go hard and cold as Jon slammed the wall down between them.

Drawing in a shaky breath she pulled her hand from his grasp.

He let her, but it was only to reach out and pull her body close. Holding her tight against him with the hands he clamped on her hips, Jon dropped his head and took possession of her mouth with a demanding kiss.

She wanted to stay angry.

Wanted to pull away and punish him, not give him what he wanted, but it seemed so long since he’d touched her. And it felt so good to know he still wanted her. She’d begun to doubt that as he became more distant and obsessed with work.

At least she’d hoped it was work and not something or someone else. She’d begun to doubt that too.

But right now there was no doubt what he wanted as he plunged his tongue against hers while backing her against the cabinets.

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Countdown to Release Day Excerpt

Romanced by a SEAL releases July 12th. That’s one reason that makes this the perfect time to reread the story of how Jon and Ali met in NIGHT WITH A SEAL if you already own it or to grab Night with a SEAL now if you haven’t read it yet, because the new release is the story readers have been asking for. Jon is finally proposing to Ali! Coincidentally, the 4th of July holiday is coming up and Jon and Ali meet at a barbecue on the fourth in Night with a SEAL! I love a theme. Enjoy the 4th of July excerpt below.

Night with a SEAL in eBook, paperback & audio~



Hot SEALs 1


“So how far away are you?” Darci asked.

“I don’t know. Not too far. What’s the big hurry?” Ali was on her way to a Fourth of July barbecue, not trying to catch a flight at the airport.

“A bunch of Rick’s friends are here already.”

Ali glanced at the clock on the dashboard. “It’s barely even two yet. I thought that’s when you said to come over.”

“I know, but from what I’ve seen, SEALs are never late. Not even the retired ones.”

Ali still didn’t see the need to rush. It wasn’t like she was the one bringing the appetizers, or more importantly the beer. Then Darci might have reason to panic. Ali could imagine that Darci’s brother could easily freak out if he’d invited all his Navy buddies over and there wasn’t any beer when they arrived.

To appease her friend, Ali said, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Good. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

The reason for Darci’s persistence was suddenly very apparent to Ali. “Um, no.”

“Why not?”

“Because I told you I don’t want to be fixed up with anybody.” Ali scowled at the mere thought.

“I think you’ll change your mind once you meet him. Dark hair. Cut muscles. Six-foot-two and eyes of blue.”

“So now we’re rhyming? Stop. It’s creepy. You’re like some weird cross between Dr. Seuss and the Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Darci let out a laugh. “Well, Rick and his friends certainly aren’t millionaires, but they are hot. I can promise you that. The US Navy churns out men with some of the hardest bodies you’ve ever seen. And I don’t mean like those pumped up steroid-filled monsters you find at the gym. These guys are in seriously good shape. They work them until they’re completely exhausted to simulate the stress of combat.”

“How do you know all this?” Ali frowned. “I thought all this SEAL stuff was top secret.”

“Pfft. Thanks to the media, there’s not much that stays secret for long nowadays. Besides, that Rick had to do hundreds of sit-ups and push-ups and stuff like that when he was active isn’t exactly classified information. I mean who cares if the enemy knows our guys are in tip-top condition? That should only make them think twice about trying anything. Right?”

“I guess.” What did Ali know about national security? Not much, that’s what. But she did know her friend was as single as she was, which raised a good question. “So if they’re so hot, why aren’t you dating one of them?”

“I can’t date one of Rick’s teammates. I know them too well. They’re like brothers to me. Before he got out, Rick was with these guys practically twenty-four-seven.”

That brought up another question—or more an objection disguised in the form of a question. Alison remembered just last year when Rick was still in the military and he disappeared. He not only hadn’t told Darci where he was or what he was doing, he also didn’t respond to any of her attempts to contact him. For weeks. Darci had absolutely flipped out, convinced he was dead and the Navy just hadn’t told her and their parents yet.

To this day Darci didn’t know where he’d been. Security was that tight. Ali wasn’t sure she was up for that kind of stress in a relationship. Dating a nice boring normal guy was hard enough without the challenges of operational security thrown in.

“This guy you’re so hot to set me up with, is he still in the military or is he out like your brother?”

Not having come from a military background, it was very odd for her to be talking about guys just a few years older than herself as having retired from their Navy career, even if Rick had been forced to get out because of his knee issues. But like Darci said, the life of a SEAL was rough, which she supposed made it a younger man’s game. No different than being a top professional athlete, she guessed.

“He’s still active duty,” Darci answered.

Ali let out a frustrated huff. “Forget about it. Now I’m really not interested. I’m not about to get seriously involved with a guy who’s away all the time on secret missions. I have a bad enough track record with men who actually stay put.”

“Fine, then don’t start anything long term. Have a fling instead.”

“I can’t do that.” Ali’s voice squeaked over Darci’s suggestion.

“Why not? I sure as hell won’t judge you.”

Darci better not judge. In the two years they’d worked together at the bank, Ali had acted as Darci’s wingman for more than a few of her friend’s hook-ups.

Alison didn’t mention that and moved right on to answering the question. “I’m not going to have a fling with him because I’m sure Navy SEALs have so many women who want to sleep with them, they have to beat them all off with a stick. I am not going to get in that line just so I can be another notch in one of their belts.”

Thanks to the military installations at Dam Neck and Little Creek, being anywhere in this part of Virginia meant that the bars were always full of women looking for SEALs and men, both Navy and civilian, taking advantage of that fact.

“Just please, Ali. Keep an open mind until you meet Jon. Okay?”

“Okay.” At least Ali knew his name now. She’d know to avoid this Jon during the barbecue before Darci embarrassed them both by blatantly throwing them together.

“So how close are you now?” Darci asked, still sounding a bit too enthusiastic for Ali’s arrival.

God, save her from well meaning friends. Ali sighed. “Relax. I’m on your street, and if you let me get off the phone so I can park the car, I’ll get there even faster.”

“Good. Hurry up.” Darci disconnected the call while Ali drew in a bracing breath and prepared for what would greet her at this party.

Sometimes being single was too much work, especially amid do-gooder friends trying to play matchmaker.

Ali pulled up to park behind a truck so large her fuel-efficient economy car almost fit beneath it. No doubt it belonged to one of these SEALs Darci was so hot for Ali to meet. While these guys were off saving the world, they should probably also consider the environment and the impact their gas-guzzlers had on it.

As Ali flipped down the visor she shook her head, mad first at Darci and then at herself for feeling the need to check her hair and make up before she went inside.

This barbecue had gone from low key to stressful in the span of one phone call. She even began to second-guess her outfit. The sundress showed enough skin to make her look like she was inviting male attention, when in reality she’d worn it because of the heat. The same reason she’d put her hair up instead of leaving it down for the day.

Too late to change anything now. She slid her sunglasses on—they’d be a good shield so she could unobtrusively observe the others and avoid eye contact—and opened the door. Time to face the music . . . or at least her interfering friend and some SEALs.

Ali walked around the car and was almost to the path before she remembered to grab the potato salad out of the trunk. Darci’s phone call had her all distracted, and for nothing too because there was no way she was going to fall for or have a fling with one of the guys here today.

That resolve firmly in place, she strode to the front doorstep, where she had to work to balance the plastic container filled with potato salad between her arm and hip so she could hit the doorbell.

“Need a hand?” The deep, masculine voice startled her.

Ali jumped and nearly fumbled the very container she’d been struggling not to drop. She hadn’t seen the guy come around the corner of the house. He’d stalked silently across the grass like a ninja or, she supposed, a SEAL.


Good Morning, Beautiful Desktop Wallpaper

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Good Morning, Beautiful Wallpaper

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Wed to a SEAL Hot SEALs by Cat Johnson

In his career as a Navy SEAL, Rocky Mangiano has been called a Jersey boy, and a Yankee, and a few other choice names he shouldn’t repeat in mixed company, but never in his life has anyone called him daddy.

If the bundle of joy he finds on the doorstep is any indication, things are about to change and he has no clue what to do about it.

When the baby’s single mother enters the picture things get even more crazy, but given the fringe benefits that come along with the complications of their marriage of convenience, Rocky’s not complaining. Not one little bit.

Wed to a SEAL in eBook & Print April 12, 2016 ($2.99 USD)

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New Contemporary Romance Novel – Loved by a SEAL ( Hot SEALs ) Ch 1 Excerpt

SEAL6 Hello Brody Sept 22

Loved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs) by Cat Johnson 

Loved by a SEAL is a USA Today Bestseller!





 A man didn’t appreciate something until he had to go without it for a while.

Brody Cassidy knew that to be true with bone-deep certainty because he’d gone without many things for a good long while. Six months and three days to be exact, give or take a few hours . . . not that he was counting.

As he stepped off the transport and felt the breeze of the Virginia evening blow across his skin he made a mental note of all he’d missed and all he wanted to take advantage of now he was back on U.S. soil.

First, he was going to take the longest, hottest shower in the history of modern man.

And his bed—how he had missed his own mattress every time he’d lay down on his uncomfortable rack to try to sleep. Going to bed tonight on the two thousand dollar support mattress he’d splurged on last year was going to be so good he was almost giddy at the thought.

Of course that would be after he went out and got himself a nice stiff drink because alcohol was one of two more things that he really enjoyed but hadn’t had in six months. Brody was definitely going to partake in both of those things before he lay down his head tonight.

Alcohol was one. The other was a woman. He’d gone so long without the sweet touch of one of those he was starting to dream about it—when he slept deeply enough to dream that was.

But before all of that he had to eat, because good food was right up there at the top of the list of things he missed most on these long ass deployments to some foreign country that never failed to make a man extra grateful to be an American.

Good ol’ downhome cooking. He missed it. All of it, from juicy corn on the cob straight from the field to anything fried as long as it was fresh and hot and crunchy.

He’d give his left nut for Nana’s fried catfish. Or her chicken and dumplings.

And God, her Johnny cakes . . . or even better, her black skillet cornbread. How much would he give for some of that right now?

Crap. Now his mouth was watering and there was no hope of getting the kind of chow he wanted in the near future.

Or was there?

As Brody hoisted his pack over his left shoulder he pulled out his cell phone with his right hand and powered it on.

Years of experience and some smart advanced planning on his part meant he’d anticipated his homecoming and had acted accordingly. Before his unit had moved out of Turkey, while he still had access to secure computers and internet, he’d arranged to have his cellular service turned back on.

During the time away he’d used his cell phone for not much more than taking pictures and playing word games. Oh, and the device made a hell of an alarm clock too, since it seemed he was always working odd hours and having to wake up at times no man’s body was used to.

After six months Brody would finally be able to use his cell as an actual phone again. He sure as hell was going to use it now as it was intended—to call his older brother Chris.

With any luck he could arrange some home cooked grub to celebrate being back. His brother always had been fairly good in the kitchen—at least better than Brody—but since Chris’s retirement from the Navy a couple of years ago, he had expanded his culinary skills enough that at least they didn’t have to eat take-out every night.

It wouldn’t be Nana’s chicken-fried steak, but Chris could definitely grill a mean bone-in rib eye and he was pretty good at frying up onions and baking potatoes. That was one of Chris’s favorite meals to make.

Brody supposed a man had to do something to occupy his mind after retirement but after living the adrenaline-fueled life of being a member of the teams, how could wielding a chopping knife rather than a sniper’s rifle be all that satisfying?

He couldn’t comprehend it but God willing he wouldn’t have to deal with retired life for a good long while.

The future was a far distant worry. His immediate concern was food. Why eat take-out when he could have some home cooking and give his brother something to do?

He swiped through his list of contacts until he found Chris’s name and then hit to make the call.

Brody listened to the ringing through the line as he crossed the tarmac, heading for the bus that would carry him to the base. When the call went to voicemail, he had to wonder what the hell Chris was up to that he couldn’t answer the damn phone.

It wasn’t as if Chris’s only brother had been away in some foreign hellhole training Syrian rebels how to fight ISIS for the past six months or anything.

With a snort of sarcasm, Brody waited for Chris’s outgoing message to end before he said into the cell, “Bro, it’s me. I’m back. Where the hell you at? I gotta check in at base and stow my gear but after that I wanted to see if we could do dinner. Call me back. Bye.”

He hit to disconnect and scowled.

Chris was probably balls-deep in Darci and that’s why he hadn’t answered. After six months of going without that particular pleasure himself the thought didn’t make Brody feel all that understanding.

He sighed and shoved the cell back into one of the cargo pockets in the leg of his tactical pants just as his teammate Thom Grande trotted up beside him.

Brody shot the man a sideways glance as he showed no sign of slowing down his pace. “Hey, Thom! You anxious to get somewhere?”

Thom let out a short laugh. “Oh, yeah. I gotta dump my shit and go. Ginny flew down from Connecticut. She’s waiting on me at the hotel.”

Ah yes, the girlfriend. No wonder Thom was in a hurry, but his rushing to the bus wouldn’t get them to base any sooner. Not when the rest of the unit still had to deplane and load onto the vehicle with all their bags.

Brody didn’t bother reminding Thom of that. Instead he pushed down what felt a bit like envy and said, “Have fun.”

“No doubt about that.” Thom grinned and then strode on ahead.

“Where’s he off to?” Rocky caught up to Brody and watched alongside him as Thom took off at a run to the bus.


Rocky snorted out a laugh. “If she’s not hiding out on that bus, he’s got a bit of a wait until he sees her.”

“You got that right.” Grateful that Rocky didn’t have a girl waiting on him, Brody glanced in his direction. “You got plans for tonight?”

“Yup. Sure do. Shower, food and then a little loving from some lucky female.” Rocky had held up his hand and counted the three priorities off on his fingers, starting with his thumb.

Rocky was a man after Brody’s own heart. Those were pretty much his plans too, but he had one more addition. A nice cold one to wash down that food.

There was one destination Brody knew he could get the things they both wanted. “Wanna eat quick and then hit the strip club?”

Chris hadn’t answered his phone and honestly it would be easier for Brody to decompress with one of the team for a few hours than be with his blissfully happy, retired brother.

“Hell yeah. Wanna head over as soon as we dump off our shit? I was gonna shower at the base. Do you have to go home first?” Rocky’s enthusiasm to get going was no surprise. He had been through the same shitty six months Brody had.

Brody shook his head. “Nope. I’ve always got clean clothes in my locker. But shit, my truck’s at my house.”

“My truck’s parked on base. I’ll drive us over to the club. I can drop you home later if you want.”

“A’ight. Sounds good. Thanks.”

It was funny how sometimes teammates, especially after a long deployment, felt more like family than actual blood relatives did.

“No problem. The guy who lives next to me in the bachelor barracks has been running my truck once a week. You know, to keep the fluids circulating and the tires from getting flat spots, so it should be good to go.”

Chris was supposedly doing the same thing with Brody’s truck. He only hoped his brother wasn’t so into playing the happy couple with Darci that he’d forgotten about it.

With Brody’s luck he’d go home to a dead battery. If that happened, Brody was going to enjoy torturing Chris for his negligence for a good long while.

Rocky dumped his pack on the ground next to the luggage hatch under the bus and reached up to scratch his beard. It had gotten pretty long while they’d been gone.

Brody hated facial hair himself. All it did was itch and make him feel hot and dirty.

Rocky was the opposite. Since he’d joined the team about a year ago, Rocky had sported a beard in some form or another. Sometimes he kept it cropped short and neat. Other times he’d grow it so long he looked more Afghani than American, which wasn’t a bad thing for a SEAL.

Brody eyed the length of it now, definitely on the longer side than usual. “You gonna trim that thing now that we’re back?”

Shaving was the first thing on Brody’s list, right along with a shower. Now that fresh razor blades and hot water were readily available, he couldn’t wait to be clean-shaven on a daily basis again.

Rocky stroked his facial hair like a man would caress his lover. “No way. Chicks love my beard.”

Brody cocked up one brow. “Do they?”

“Hell yeah.” Rocky snorted. “You’ll see tonight.”

Tonight they’d be at a strip club where it was the girls’ job to pretend they loved everything about the male patrons, so Brody wasn’t convinced that would be a real good test of Rocky’s theory.

He laughed. “A’ight. If you say so.”

“Eh, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Yeah, I do and you can have it.” Brody knew exactly what he was missing not having a beard and that was mostly needing to clean food out of his facial hair after he ate.

Rocky lifted his shoulder in a half-shrug. “All right. More girls for me then.”

Brody had to chuckle. For tonight he wasn’t worried about Rocky’s threat. Where they were going, all he had to do was stop at the ATM for some cash and his evening’s female companionship would be guaranteed.

Brody had to consider that. Had he become such a jaded son of a bitch he would rather pay for female attention than look for some kind of meaningful relationship?

He supposed he had.

Hell, just that term—meaningful relationship—had him wanting to run and hide.

Though, it was more likely he was simply being a realist. He’d done the whole love and girlfriend thing once long ago. All that experience had accomplished was prove to him that things were easier this way.

Looking for Ms. Right Now was so much simpler than trying to find Mrs. Right and then discovering later she was oh so wrong.

The number of divorces he saw in the military was proof of that.

He’d thought he found her once—the girl he might be able to spend a lifetime with—but that hadn’t worked out so great.

Ashley Reed. His first love. Hell, his first for everything.

Christ, how could just thinking her name after a decade raise the memory of that teenage heartbreak all over again? That right there was reason enough to not repeat the mistake of getting involved seriously with a woman.

He rubbed at the tightness in his chest and hoped that it was just indigestion.

It had to be from the shit meal he’d eaten on the transport because he refused to admit one woman could still have a hold on him after ten years.

Look for Tempted by a SEAL (Mack’s story) Jan 2016 and Wed to a SEAL (Rocky’s story) April 2016 in the Hot SEALs

Hot SEALs Series

Sexy New Excerpt from SEALed at Midnight

Hot SEALs Quote

Enjoy this EXCERPT from

SEALed at Midnight (Hot SEALs series)

As a combat hardened Navy SEAL, Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe, but he can’t fight is his ex-wife. Or her lawyer. Or the alimony payments. Just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, bad luck smacks him up side the head—literally. Now he’s got a traumatic brain injury and can’t remember his own name. The good news? He can’t remember his ex-wife or the woes she’s causing him either.

Virginia Starr has the worst luck ever with romance. But maybe her luck is changing because one hell of a hot man just showed up at her door in the middle of the night. One problem—he can’t remember anything, including who he is. The more Ginny sees, the more she realizes, that might not matter all that much.


“Do you remember what happened to you?”

“Most of it. I remember my SUV skidding off the road, but I have no recollection of actually crashing or anything else until you found me outside.”

“Wow. That’s crazy.”

Not really, but he probably had more experience with traumatic brain injury than she had.

“I remember some other things too.”

“Really? Tell me.”

“I have two kids. Jason and Juliette.” He watched her react to that.

Her surprise was apparent before she hid it. “Two kids. That’s great.”

“Mmm, hmm. I’m divorced from their mother.”

“Oh.” That one syllable seemed ripe with so much. “Do you, uh, have a girlfriend you need to call?”

He might be rusty and a little bruised around the edges from the divorce, but he knew when a woman was fishing for information and Ginny was.

“Nope. No girlfriend.”

“Oh. Okay. I just wanted to check. You know, didn’t want anyone to worry.”

He smiled. “Thank you for worrying about me.”

“Sure. Anytime. I’m just glad you’re feeling better.” She bit her lip as she raised big brown eyes to look at him.

That did nothing to help the situation in his boxer shorts. The way he was positioned, so close, touching her, there was no way she’d missed feeling it.

He swallowed. “Yeah. Definitely feeling better.”

“Good.” Her eyes narrowed as her gaze dropped to his lips for the briefest of moments.

His SEAL training had taught him to read people. Informants. Terrorists. He could detect lies and threats, but that skill transferred beyond the counterterrorism world. If he wasn’t completely off base, Ginny wanted him as much as he wanted her.



He couldn’t seem to get the words out at first. He lifted one hand to cup her face, running a thumb across her bottom lip as he leaned in. “Tell me if I’m out of line here.”

Her throat worked as she swallowed. “You’re not out of line.”


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The Hot SEALs Series

Night with a SEAL

Saved by a SEAL

SEALed at Midnight

Kissed by a SEAL

New eBook & Paperback Release: SEALed at Midnight (EXCERPT)

SEALed at Midnight Hot SEALs

SEALed at Midnight 

the Hot SEALs series

As a combat hardened Navy SEAL, Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe, but he can’t fight is his ex-wife. Or her lawyer. Or the alimony payments. Just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, bad luck smacks him up side the head—literally. Now he’s got a traumatic brain injury and can’t remember his own name. The good news? He can’t remember his ex-wife or the woes she’s causing him either.

Virginia Starr has the worst luck ever with romance. But maybe her luck is changing because one hell of a hot man just showed up at her door in the middle of the night. One problem—he can’t remember anything, including who he is. The more Ginny sees, the more she realizes, that might not matter all that much.

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Thom cracked open one eye. Things were blurry but he could make out Brody leaning close.

The man smiled. “Hey, buddy. Good to see you finally awake. Any longer and I was fixin’ to call next of kin.”

He groaned. “What the hell happened?”

“RPG. I’ll tell you what, we were damn lucky. It blew in through one hatch and out the other. If it had hit anywhere else, it could have blown up the bird.”

An RPG? What the hell? And Brody’s talk of hatches and helicopters didn’t make any sense to him either.

Thom looked more closely at his friend. Brody was dressed as if ready for a mission, but the last thing Thom remembered he had been kicking back with Brody and Chris watching college football.

The southern born Cassidy brothers were Alabama fans. They had been giving him shit about being a Yankee and his allegiance to Boston College.

Confused, Thom asked, “What are you talking about?”

Brody’s usual poker face broke and Thom could see the surprise in his friend’s expression. “You don’t remember?”

He would have frowned, but Thom realized he couldn’t feel his face. “I guess not. Why don’t you enlighten me?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m just gonna go grab a doc. You stay here. I’ll be right back.”

Stay there? He wasn’t sure he could move, so it wasn’t as if Thom had a choice to do anything other than wait.

Hot SEALs Series by Cat Johnson

The Hot SEALs Series

Night with a SEAL

Saved by a SEAL

SEALed at Midnight

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SAVED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs) in Audio

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