New Release Excerpt! Rescued by a Hot SEAL #HotSEALs

Rescued by a Hot SEALHe’s a SEAL. She’s the woman his team is sent to rescue.

Navy commander Grant Milton was well prepared to fight Somali kidnappers to save American aid worker Jennifer Anderson. What he wasn’t ready for were his feelings for her.


Noise, unfamiliar, distinguishable from the usual sounds, caught Jen’s attention and had her wondering what it could be. It did not, however, make her wonder enough to lift her head to try and look.

It was too dark to see what was making that strange scratching anyway.

Besides, her captors would protect her from being mauled by wild animals. Even though negotiations hadn’t been going their way, the potential of a big payday meant she was too valuable for them to let die.

They’d starve her, let her wallow with fever, dehydrate her until she was near death, but no, they wouldn’t let her die because that would cost them their ransom.

That the kidnappers still had hope of a payout after all this time was pretty amazing since she’d given up on the idea long ago.

A twig snapped. That noise joined the rustling she still couldn’t pin down the source of.

It had to be an animal. The bugs here were big, but not big enough to make that much noise.

None of it mattered anyway. On her sleeping mat, under the one filthy blanket she was allowed, and ringed by nine guards to make sure she didn’t escape in the night—as if she had anywhere to go or the strength to walk there—no animal or bug would be able to get to her easily.

Her thoughts on the mysterious noise would have ended there if one of the men guarding her hadn’t reacted to it so strongly.

The guard closest to where she and Adam were sat up and grabbed his gun.

She heard others moving and one shout.

Jen opened her mouth to whisper to Adam to ask if he had heard the sound too when the world exploded around her.

Her question was replaced by her own screams as rapid gunfire seemed to come from all sides with her trapped in the middle.

She pulled the blanket up and shielded her head with her arms.

This was it. She’d wished for death and here it was.

Surprisingly death would not come at the hands of her kidnappers, or from the elements she’d been ravaged by, or the infection she’d fallen victim to.

This was worse.

Now she’d be taken by whatever opposing group was attacking their camp. Some warring faction who would kill her captors, take her and then pass her around to be used by the fighters. A war prize.

If she were lucky she’d die in the firefight before being taken, but she couldn’t count on that. So far, her luck had been severely lacking.

As she prayed for God to put an end to her misery, the gunfire stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

As loud and horrifying as the firefight had been, the silence was worse. It allowed her to hear the footsteps pounding toward her.

Still cradling her head she struggled to not breathe, to not make a sound.

It was dark. Maybe they wouldn’t see her. Or they could think she was one of the dead.

Strong hands gripped her through the blanket, searching until they finally located her arm. They pulled her upright as she screamed, struggling and fighting for her life.

Maybe she wasn’t ready to die just yet. Her mind might have given up on her, but her fight or flight instinct was still strong.

“Jennifer! Jennifer Anderson.” Whoever had her knew her name. He said it as he continued to hold her in an unbreakable grip.

She stopped struggling. As the panic resided enough for her brain to process things, she realized the deep male voice had sounded distinctly American.

Why were there other Americans here?

Not to get her, surely. She was a nobody. A teacher. A volunteer who didn’t even get paid. Not some politician or world leader.

Her fuzzy reasoning couldn’t comprehend any of it. “You’re American?”

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Hot SEALs Series


Romanced by a SEAL Excerpt

Hot SEAL s 9 Ali Quote

Romanced by a SEAL (Hot SEALs 9)


As a SEAL, Jon Rudnick dodged copper and lead without flinching, but just the thought of one tiny gold band around his ring finger sends him into a cold sweat. Love is one thing, but marriage is another. He’s not sure he’s ready for that just yet. . . until a near miss serves as a wake-up call he can’t ignore.

Now he’s ready, but his girlfriend Ali has gone from rushing him toward the altar, to running in the opposite direction at full speed. Hell if Jon can figure out why, but he knows one thing. All’s fair in love and war and he’s not going to rest until he makes Ali his again. This time for good.

Romanced by a SEAL in eBook and Paperback Tues, July 12

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Too angry to eat the dinner she’d spent hours shopping for and preparing, Ali yanked hard on the kitchen drawer.

Just like everything else in Jon’s life, even the drawers in his condo were neatly organized. Rolls of plastic wrap lined up in precision formation amid aluminum foil and boxes of plastic bags in every size.

The sight only ramped up her anger.

Everything in Jon’s existence was in perfect order except for his relationship with her.

She was the messy junk drawer of his life.

That realization had her pausing, hand on the plastic wrap. No wonder he avoided spending time at home with her. Running out at every opportunity. Each excuse plausible but seeming more flimsy than the last.

It had been a mistake moving in together. Just because something made financial sense didn’t mean it was right.

Things between them had started to go downhill shortly after she’d moved in so it was pretty obvious to her that this decision, though practical, had been very, very wrong.

Hot angry tears pricked behind her eyes as she grabbed the wrap and yanked to tear off a piece.

The clingy plastic got tangled on the sharp serrated edge. She pawed at it but only ended up cutting her finger instead of the clear wrap.

“Shit.” Tossing the whole mess onto the counter, she shoved the stinging finger in her mouth and sucked at the thin stripe of red that appeared.

One handed as she nursed her wound, she grabbed her food-laden plate from the counter, intent on shoving it onto the fridge shelf uncovered.

Unwrapped food in the refrigerator—that would drive Jon crazy. Perfect. It would teach him for walking out—

again—this time after she’d gone to so much trouble to make a nice meal for him.

The spiteful thought had her feeling quite satisfied as she spun toward the fridge . . . and jumped as a scream tore from her throat.

That was followed directly by a huff of frustration. “Dammit, Jon. Will you please make some noise when you come in? You scared the hell out of me.”

“Sorry.” He tracked her with his eyes from where he stood in the kitchen doorway as she moved to the refrigerator.

Judging by the one brow he cocked up as he watched her, he definitely took notice of the unwrapped dish she shoved inside.

She closed the door and leveled a gaze on him, silently daring him to say a word. That he didn’t comment surprised her.

“What happened to your finger?” He lifted a chin toward the finger she held up in the air so she didn’t get blood on her clothes.

“I cut it on the plastic wrap box.”

He moved forward and took her hand in his, inspecting the wound. “You should clean it and put on a bandage.”

“It’s not that deep.” She hated that she couldn’t control how her heartbeat sped when he touched her.

“It could still get infected.” Standing close, he didn’t drop his hold on her hand.

She raised her gaze and found he was focused solely on her.

Those piercing blue eyes of his had gotten to her starting the first day she saw him on Rick and Darci’s front doorstep. When he looked at her like this, the depth of the feelings hidden within Jon’s eyes could still make her weak in the knees.

“Okay.” She felt breathless as she only vaguely remembered what she was agreeing to.

She reminded herself how often lately she’d seen those eyes go hard and cold as Jon slammed the wall down between them.

Drawing in a shaky breath she pulled her hand from his grasp.

He let her, but it was only to reach out and pull her body close. Holding her tight against him with the hands he clamped on her hips, Jon dropped his head and took possession of her mouth with a demanding kiss.

She wanted to stay angry.

Wanted to pull away and punish him, not give him what he wanted, but it seemed so long since he’d touched her. And it felt so good to know he still wanted her. She’d begun to doubt that as he became more distant and obsessed with work.

At least she’d hoped it was work and not something or someone else. She’d begun to doubt that too.

But right now there was no doubt what he wanted as he plunged his tongue against hers while backing her against the cabinets.

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Countdown to Release Day Excerpt: Wed to a SEAL


Marry her. It was a crazy idea… and the more he thought about it, the better he liked it.
In his career as a Navy SEAL, Rocky Mangiano has been called a Jersey boy, and a Yankee, and a few other choice names he shouldn’t repeat in mixed company, but never has anyone called him daddy. If the bundle of joy he finds on the doorstep is any indication, things are about to change and he has no clue what to do about it.
When the baby’s single mother enters the picture things get even more crazy, but given the fringe benefits that come along with the complications of their marriage of convenience, Rocky’s not complaining. Not one little bit.
Wed to a SEAL in eBook & Print April 12th


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Wed to a SEAL

Wed to a SEAL Excerpt

“Holy shit. Whose is that?” At Jon’s question, Rocky couldn’t take it any longer.

He edged past the blockage and finally got a look around Jon at what all the cursing was about.

A car seat containing a baby sat in the center of the dining room table. And surrounding the table were three very unhappy looking women.

Darci crossed her arms. “That’s exactly what I’d like to know.”

“Zane’s maybe?” Rick lifted one shoulder. “He was a real dog before he got together with Missy.”

The usually lovely and perfectly composed Sierra Cox, at least when he’d seen her on television, didn’t look as if she was buying it.

“There’s one problem with that theory. Your friend Zane doesn’t live here,” Sierra pointed out.

Darci nodded. “But you do, Rick.”

Uh oh. It looked like Rick was in big trouble as both his girlfriend and his sister presented a united front against him.

Rick stood his ground and leveled a gaze on his girlfriend. “The problem with that circumstantial evidence is that before you I lived like a monk. So no, it’s not mine if that’s what you’re both insinuating.”

Darci glanced at Sierra. “That is true. He like never dated. Ever.”

Rick scowled. “Thanks, sis. And might I remind you that you live here too? Maybe this is about you.”

Darci lifted a brow. “I think I’d know if I had a baby, Rick.”

“I didn’t mean you. I’m talking about Chris.”

Rocky watched wide-eyed as Rick threw Chris Cassidy, Darci’s boyfriend, under the bus. He’d worked with Chris on that op in Nigeria. He was a good man and all evidence indicated he’d been a good SEAL before he’d retired and joined Jon’s team on GAPS.

Darci visibly paled at her brother’s accusation.

Rocky didn’t feel right standing by silently. If Chris’s friends and former teammates didn’t defend him, he would. “Hey, now. Let’s not make any assumptions. Chris isn’t here to defend himself.”

Meanwhile the baby, already squirming in the seat, began to wail. The noise only seemed to ramp up the tension in the room.

No one made a move toward the baby and the screaming continued. It probably went on for less than a minute but it felt like an eternity.

A crying baby was one of those sounds that grated on the nerves pretty fast.

Finally Jon’s girlfriend Ali stepped forward. “For goodness sake. If no one is going to pick up the poor child, I will.”

Instinct and training kicked in for Rocky. A terrorist wouldn’t think twice about wiring a baby seat to explode. He took one step forward. “No!”

Almost simultaneously, Jon shouted, “Ali, don’t!”

Rick ran for Sierra and shoved both her and Darci into the kitchen as Thom dropped to the floor and shielded his head with his forearms.

All of them had to be thinking the same thing. As SEALs they’d all been in too many hellholes in the world where US forces would go to investigate a body or help what appeared to be a person in need, only to be blown to bits when they got close.

Heart pounding, Rocky watched Ali release the buckle and slide her hands beneath the crying baby’s arms.

The whole scene seemed to move in slow motion. She lifted the baby from the car seat before Jon got to her.

Seconds ticked by in the surreal way they do when adrenaline is pounding through the bloodstream during a crisis. But the explosion never came.

Ali frowned at Jon. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Get into the other room.” Jon shoved Ali and the baby toward the kitchen doorway, where Rick had already pushed Sierra and Darci.

Once she was clear of the immediate area, Jon bent low to peer beneath the car seat on the table. Thom hoisted himself off the floor as Rocky stepped forward to join Jon in examining the seat.

Sad but true, the innocent-looking baby seat could be wired with explosives. The fact they were standing in Rick’s dining room in Virginia in the good old United States didn’t matter. ISIS was here in America. That was a proven fact.

“What do you think?” Rocky asked Jon.

“Hell if I know.” Jon glanced up at Thom. “Get over here. You have kids. You’re the only one who knows what this thing is supposed to look like.”

Thom stepped forward and bent low too, the three of them squinting at a contraption that looked innocuous enough—to a person who hadn’t spent the last decade of their life searching for threats around every turn and beneath every rock.

Darci peeked past Rick’s bulk as he blocked the women in the kitchen. “You guys are ridiculous.”

Rick scowled. “Darci, be quiet and let us figure out what’s going on.”

“How about you read that note that fell out of the blanket when Ali picked up the baby? Maybe it will give you men folk a clue while us helpless women hide in the kitchen.”

Darci’s statement about a note had Rocky tearing his gaze away from the seat. He searched the area beneath the table. Sure enough a paper was resting on the carpet by Jon’s feet.

Jon bent to pick it up. He lifted a brow and then glanced up. “Rocky?”


“It seems this delivery is for you.”

Rocky’s eyes flew wide. “What?”

Thom leaned closer to Jon to inspect the paper. “Yup. Says Rocky right there on it, plain as day. Dude, what have you been doing?”


Hot SEALs Series

You never forget your first… Midnight Wrangler Excerpt

You Never Forget Your First quote graphic

Read on for an excerpt from Cat Johnson’s hot cowboy romance, Midnight Wrangler

Midnight Wrangler (MIdnight Cowboys Series) Cat Johnson

One Lonely Widower… One Woman with a Secret… One Night That Changes Everything…

Rohn Lerner is a successful Oklahoma rancher. He’s old enough to know what he likes, and still young enough to enjoy it. But losing his wife five years ago wore him thin. He’s not ready to date, but he needs someone to share a meal with as badly as someone to warm his bed.

 Bonnie Martin fled her Oklahoma home years ago, leaving behind her abusive father, and Rohn, the lost love she never forgot. Now she’s back to settle her father’s estate, but she has no idea that she’s about to bump into Rohn or that they’ll fall for each other all over again.


Rohn had just stepped out of the truck when a woman who looked too familiar to be a stranger caught his attention. He squinted through the midday glare, frowning, until recognition hit him like sledgehammer to the chest.

A smile bowed Rohn’s lips. It had been a long time, but it was her. Yeah, she had changed a bit. She was older, a bit curvier, but he’d recognize her anywhere. From the blond curls that had tickled his cheek when they’d embraced, to the curve of the hips he’d held on to tight in the bed of his truck where they’d first made love, he knew her. Even twenty-five years later.

In deference to the heat, she wore a tank top that showed enough of her creamy white skin that he could see she was still as fair-skinned as ever. Her shoulders were pink on top, proving that just like when he’d known her, she’d still freckle and burn rather than tan.

Back in the day she would have been wearing cut-off shorts, Daisy Dukes that showed off her legs to such advantage that Rohn had been able to think of nothing else but having her thighs wrapped around him. Today she wore knee-length khaki shorts, but that didn’t stop him from picturing what lush curves were hidden underneath.

Gone were the cowboy boots she used to love to wear every day on the farm, even in the summer. In their place were sandals that let her toes peek out.

She stood with her back to him as she held the door open for an older couple walking out. When they stopped to say thank you, she turned her head enough that he could see her face.

If he hadn’t been one hundred percent certain before, he was now. He took a few long strides in her direction. “Can it be? Bonnie?”

She turned at the sound of his voice. When her eyes widened, he knew she recognized him, too. “Uh, yeah. It’s me. I didn’t know you were still in town.”

“Yup. Never left. I own a place not far from here. Cattle ranch.”

“Oh. Nice. Good for you.”

“Bonnie Blue Martin. Back in town. Wow.” It was still a shock. He’d been thinking about her just last week.

She let out a short laugh but it somehow lacked humor. “I haven’t heard anyone call me that since high school.”

“That’s good to hear.” Rohn cocked one brow. “I don’t know how I’d feel about some other guy using the name I used to call my girl.”


Midnight Cowboys Series by Cat Johnson

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“Johnson…sensitively paints a sweet and sizzling contemporary romance” Publishers Weekly Starred Review
“a moving story about second chances and rediscovered love that will delight fans” RT Magazine

Midnight Wrangler Release Day Excerpt

Quote Bonnie Boots

Get Midnight Wrangler today in eBook, Paperback & Audiobook

“Johnson…sensitively paints a sweet and sizzling contemporary romance” Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“a moving story about second chances and rediscovered love that will delight fans” RT Magazine

Midnight Wrangler Chapter 1 Excerpt

Some days no matter what a man did nothing seemed to go right. Today at the Double L Ranch was one of those days.

Rohn Lerner let out a sigh tinged with frustration as he found his three ranch hands shooting the breeze by the barn instead of tackling all the chores that needed to get done.

“Hey!” He strode toward the group.

“Hey, boss.” Tyler tipped his chin in Rohn’s direction. “What’s up?”

Tyler was usually the ringleader of the lazy hands so his what’s up particularly rubbed Rohn the wrong way today. They’d know what was up if they weren’t so busy jabbering.

Rohn came to a stop as he reached the three young men. “The bull pushed over the water trough again.”

Tyler glanced at the field where the bull was currently penned without water. He scrunched up his face and looked back to Rohn. “Yeah, I saw that before.”

Rohn’s eyes widened at the revelation. “Then why aren’t you over there refilling it?”

These boys had been working for Rohn for enough years that they should know what to do without him having to tell him.

Colton knocked his hat back a notch. “We’re fixin’ to get to it, Rohn. Relax.”

“You’re fixin’ to get to it?” Being told to relax by an employee half his age made Rohn’s blood pressure rise. “And when would that be, this getting to it?

“We were going to head over right after lunch.” Justin, a couple years older and apparently wiser than the other two, stepped in with his attempt to soothe the situation.

“That bull is worth his weight in cash, so how about if he gets his water before y’all get your lunch?” Rohn would really like to know when the youth of this country had been taught that it was all right to talk back to their boss. Probably about the same time they’d convinced themselves it was all right to put off doing important tasks until later.

Justin gave a nod. “A’ight, Rohn. Sorry, but you know in this kinda weather the hose bakes in the sun and we have to drain the hot water outta it before we can fill the tanks. I just figured since we were going to scrub and refill all the buckets after lunch anyway, we’d take care of it then instead of wasting the water draining it twice.”

They had been through some pretty bad droughts lately in this part of the country, and wildfires were always an issue in Oklahoma. Justin’s point about saving water was a valid one, but Rohn was in no mood to concede that.

He cocked one brow. “Then maybe you outta finish all the watering now and then take a late lunch.”

Tyler blew out a breath. “Somebody’s cranky today.”

“Today?” Colton frowned beneath the brim of his cowboy hat. “Try every damn day lately.”

“Yeah?” Rohn lifted his brows high and hooked a thumb toward the drive. “There’s the way out. Y’all feel free to hit the road and look for another job whenever you want.”

Colton snickered. “Yeah. All right.”

It was Rohn’s own damn fault. He’d always been more of a friend to these kids than a boss. He’d joke around and act like a buddy, but in his current mood that last threat hadn’t been completely in jest.

Tyler turned to Colton and Justin. “Can you two go on over, right that trough and start on the water? I’ll meet you out there in a bit and we’ll figure out how to make it stay upright for good this time.”

Colton’s mouth dropped open. “Since when do you get to tell Justin and me what to do?”

“Since I wanna talk to Rohn alone for a minute.” Tyler crossed his arms over his chest, not backing down.

“Come on, Colt. Let’s go.” Justin tipped his head toward the field.

Colton continued to sputter. “But why should we?”

“So we can talk crap about Ty behind his back, that’s why.” With a grin, Justin winked at Tyler and pivoted on the heel of one boot toward the pasture. Colton shot Tyler a parting glance that expressed exactly what he thought about the situation, but followed Justin.

Once they were gone, Tyler turned to Rohn. A crease furrowed the forehead above his dark brows. “You a’ight? You need to talk?”

Rohn let out a snort. “What, are you a therapist now?”

“No, I’m your friend. And it wasn’t too long ago you pulled me aside to talk privately when I was wrestling with some shit of my own. Remember?”

That all had been barely a couple of months ago. Back when Rohn had been dumb or desperate enough to listen to Colton and ask his widowed neighbor Janie out on a date. Rohn remembered that dinner with Janie, as well as the exact moment he’d figured out that the woman already had feelings for Tyler.

That’s what Rohn got for taking relationship advice from a twentysomething-year-old cowboy with little experience and no serious girlfriend that he knew of.

Meanwhile, being twenty-four and dense as a lump of coal, Tyler had been too young and stupid to realize how Janie felt until Rohn had explained it to him.

Nope. Rohn hadn’t forgotten any of it. “Yeah, I remember. Except what you were wrestling with was that a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman was in love with you. So, I’m sure that shit wasn’t all that difficult for you to get over.”

Tyler tipped his head. “I was miserable for a while, just the same, and you stepped in and straightened me out.”

“Somebody had to.” Proven by the fact that since that conversation as far as Rohn could see, the couple was not only together, but looking pretty serious. If he wasn’t mistaken, Tyler was all but living at Janie’s. “So are you officially moved in to her place yet, or just staying over there every night?”

Tyler opened his eyes wide. “Wait a minute. Is that what this crap mood of yours is about? You’re upset I’m with Janie?”

“No, I’m not upset you’re with Janie.” Rohn shook his head, sorry he’d said anything at all. “As long as you’re treating her right, I’m happy for her and for you. That’s not it at all.”

“Then what is it?” Beneath the brim of his hat, Tyler drew his brows low.

“Nothing.” His love life, or lack of one, was one thing Rohn didn’t want to discuss with a cocky twenty-four-year-old who had everything in the world at his fingertips and his whole future ahead of him.

“Rohn, come on. Just spill it.” Tyler crossed his arms and leaned back against the fence, as if he was willing to wait as long as it took.

Damn persistent kid. Rohn silently mouthed a cuss, but finally gave in. “I guess I’m just kinda lonely sometimes, okay?”

Tyler threw his hands in the air. “That’s why I’ve been telling you to come out with us. You ain’t meeting any girls here at the ranch.”

“And I told you I don’t want to meet girls and I’m not going to find a woman of any substance at the bars where you yahoos hang out.”

“Then set up one of those online dating accounts. They have them for older folks now.”

“Older folks?” Rohn let out a snort as that hit him hard, like a punch to the gut. “Great. Thanks a lot.”

How the hell old did these kids think he was, anyway? Rohn had quite a few years left before he turned fifty. Enough years he felt justified still holding on tight to his claim of being in his early forties. Okay, maybe he was inching closer to his midforties, but still.

“I’m not trying to insult you, Rohn. I’m just trying to give you some options.”

“Well, no offense, Tyler, and thanks for trying, but I don’t like your options.”

The kid had work to do still, and lunch to eat, but he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get going. Tyler stayed put, eyeing Rohn. “You know, if it’s just sex you’re missing, there are girls you can call for that. . . .”

“Jesus, Tyler. Please stop talking.” Rohn scrubbed his hands over his face, ignoring the dust and dirt he’d probably smeared all over himself.

“I’m serious. You can probably ask for any age woman you want, too, if you don’t want a girl who’s too young.”

Letting out a laugh at the ridiculousness of this surreal conversation, Rohn still couldn’t help but ask, “How the hell would you know about any of that?”

Rohn had no doubt this former playboy had never had to hire a professional in that area. Before settling into a relationship with Janie, Tyler was the type of guy who would never have come home from a rodeo or a night out on the town without a willing recipient of his affections in his passenger seat.

Sure, over the years Tyler had probably spent a small fortune buying drinks for women before he got a little loving in return, but to outright pay a prostitute for sex? No way. Rohn couldn’t see it happening. Not for Tyler and definitely not for himself.

“I planned my brother’s bachelor party. The place I hired the stripper from also offers girls who provide other services, if you know what I mean. I have the phone number—” Tyler reached to pull his cell phone out of his jeans pocket.

Rohn threw up one hand to stop him. “No. Enough. I don’t want the number. Not now. Not ever. Okay?”

The dead last thing Rohn needed was Tyler putting some stupid idea into his head about paying a woman to have sex with him. Worse, as the years of celibacy since his wife Lila’s death started to add up to be more than he could count on one hand, the idea didn’t seem as horrifying to him as it should.

He’d been lucky enough to love two women in his life. Bonnie Martin for that single magical perfect summer after high school. And Lila, who’d been his wife and best friend for the fifteen years they were married.

Rohn knew finding love again, a third time and at his age, was a long shot. But that didn’t mean he was willing to explore the alternative Tyler had suggested.

“Okay, but if you change your mind . . .” Tyler let the suggestion hang in the air.

This conversation had gone on for too long already, and all it had done was make Rohn more agitated. He’d gone from cranky to being both appalled and needy. As crazy as it seemed, talking about strippers and hookers had woken up his long suppressed sex drive…

Read the rest of Rohn’s story in Midnight Wrangler Out Now!


The Midnight Cowboys Series

Midnight Ride (Tyler)
Midnight Wrangler (Rohn)
Midnight Heat (Justin-Feb 2016)


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New Release Countdown: Loved by a SEAL Deploying 22 Sept

Loved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs)

Deploying 22 September

Loved by a SEAL deploying 22Sept

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Cowboy Philosophy on Life and Whisky…

Countdown to Release Day:

WRECKED (Studs in Spurs) Quote Graphic

Wrecked Whisky Quote

“Things always looked better from behind a glass of whisky.” ~Wade 

in eBook / Paperback Aug 18 


Don’t miss SPURRED (Studs in Spurs) where readers got their first glimpse of Wade Long and CeCe Cole. 

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The Hot SEALs Kindle World #HotSEALsKW is wheels up…

…with a little help from my friends!
Readers know my Hot SEALs: Jon, Zane, Thom, Chris, Rick, Brody & Grant…

Now, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program, my Hot SEALs have been joined by fourteen new bad ass military friends with more to come!

Enjoy these all new original Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds crossover novellas that include both characters from the contributing authors’ own series and my Hot SEALs series to launch the new #HotSEALsKW. Check them out below!

READERS: please scroll down to the bottom of this post for frequently asked questions before inquiring.

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Reclaiming The SEAL (A Lost and Found/ Hot SEALs Crossover)
US Navy SEAL Gabriel Carter knew Julie would be there for him when he needed her, but not that she’d still affect him as if she’d only walked out yesterday. As inconsistencies come to light in his best friend’s death, and the progression of his own career is put in danger, she stands by him, just like she promised she would.
Julie Ritter has wanted to return to Little Creek for months, but definitely not to attend the funeral of a fallen SEAL and her former friend. No, she’d wanted to return to rekindle the affair with Gabe. Now she has to support him through the loss of his best friend. But maybe they’ll be able to clear up what happened eighteen months ago and reclaim the love they’ve lost.
Former Navy SEAL Jaxson Thomas feels like he’s living his life under a full moon.  First he takes a fall for his former SEAL team to save them embarrassment, then for Deep Six Security to save their contract.  He hopes his last bad day is yesterday when he goes to work for GAPS, a new company formed by his former SEAL teammates.  But his first assignment is to protect the one woman he wouldn’t mind seeing dead, the woman directly responsible for his exit from the teams, Fallon Sharpe, who is now a federal judge and is running from East Coast mobsters who want her dead.  Can Jax keep her safe until the FBI takes them down? Or will he kill her himself before the thugs have a chance to like he’s dreamed of doing for five years?
Julie Lytle is working hard to turn her life around. Being kidnapped by sex traffickers changed her drastically, but having grown up the spoiled daughter of a senator, Julie wishes she could’ve changed just a little sooner. Shamed by her behavior toward the woman rescued alongside her, and further embarrassed and guilt-racked over the way she treated the SEALs who risked their lives on her behalf, Julie is desperate to make amends.
With help from Missy Greenwood, a D.C. acquaintance who’d endured her own harrowing experience, Julie connects with Patrick Hurt, Commander of the SEALs who’d saved her life. If she can prove she’s not the same person who mistreated his team, he’ll grant her request to meet them—but not before the protective, sexy man makes a surprising request of his own.
Caleb Faulkner’s career is in ruins and now he’s back in his hometown town to lick his wounds and start again.  When he and ex-girlfriend Michaela run into each other it’s agonizingly awkward and more emotional than he expected. The less they see of each other the better. Unfortunately, their hearts have other plans.


Her Special Alpha (X-OPS/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Former Army Special Forces soldier Travis Dalton finds himself thrust into the mysterious world of the Department of Covert Operations, one where sometimes bad guys do more than shoot you—sometimes they tear you to shreds. Feline shifter and covert agent Eden Bristow can’t help noticing how good Travis is at guarding her back—and turning her on. She hasn’t had much luck with guys, not once they get a look at her fangs and claws. Travis doesn’t seem to have a problem with her being a shifter, and Eden is ready to make up for lost time. But one little thing is getting in the way of their romance—a gang of bad guys, and the vicious wolf shifter leading them.
Falcon Agent Dan McCray has agreed to do a favor for his former Navy SEAL buddy Rick Mann. He’s to scare a stalker away and ensure the victim can return to her normal life. Dan doesn’t realize the gravity of his new assignment until an attempt is made on their lives.
Michelle Slater’s ex-boss has it in his head that she belongs to him and him alone. Her sense of security is shattered by his violence, terrified, she realizes she needs more than a piece of paper to protect her. The game changes when Dan and Michelle learn that the man determined to dominate her is more than just a stalker, he is a serial killer. With danger all around them, can two people fall in love during the darkest of times? When all seems lost, will Dan be able to save the woman who has captured his heart?
The last thing ex-SEAL Mason Steele wants in his first job with GAPS—the Guardian Angel Protective Services—is to babysit a spoiled heiress who is obsessed with the color of her nail polish and carries a Chihuahua in her purse. But there’s more to Pansy Hightower than can be seen at first glance. She’s smart, sassy and determined to save the business her late mother built. And she resents having a guard dog. But when it becomes clear that someone is targeting her—perhaps for the same kind of fatal “accident” that befell her mother—she decides having the 240 pound SEAL with killer instincts and lethal hands at her back might be a good idea after all.
It was supposed to be a month in a cottage by the lake in Maine. For Peyton Gerard it was time to recover from not one but three disastrous breakups and try to find her muse again. A successful romance novelist needed to believe in romance to write about it believably, and Peyton had lost her faith in it.
For Dixon “Dix” Amendola it was supposed to be time to rehab his injured thigh from a SEALs mission that fell apart, to mourn the two team members who were killed and to deal with his guilt. Learning the mission had been compromised did nothing to ease the burden of blame he carried.
The problem: the cottage had been rented to both of them by accident.
Put two stubborn people in close quarters—a hot SEAL and a an appealing author, add in moonlit nights by the lake and suddenly they don’t mind sharing. But then reality intruded, Dix returned to lead a repeat of the mission and all Peyton could do was pray it was successful and that when he returned, he’d come back to her.
Schultz and Julia’s affair is a burning flame of temptation. Their relationship is finally headed toward a future both of them desire until a mistake from her past returns to haunt them both.  When the fragile bond of trust is broken between them, it will take more than a promise of redemption for the two of them to find their way back to one another.
Navy SEAL sniper Kevin “Rimshot” Stanton has had one thing on his mind for months: Find his sister. So he takes a chance on the PI he’s lusted after since a friend’s wedding. Jaime Hensen isn’t the kind of woman to settle down, but the night she spends with Rimshot makes her want more. Too bad he’s a glacier outside the bedroom. Rimshot has one shot to get love right, and he’s not about to miss.
Donna Michaels
Knight’s SEAL (A Dangerous Curves/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Navy SEAL Sam ‘Excel’ Gentry barely has time to consider his buddy’s job offer to join Guardian Angel Protection Service when a commander from their past, with his own D.C. based agency, asks for help. Owing his life to his former commander, Sam is eager to help retrieve a mutual friend from a dangerous cartel, until he learns the operative assisting him is Knight’s oldest daughter, Lisa—Sam’s former lover. Lisa is shocked to discover her partner is the man who’d walked away from her several years ago when he’d realized who her father was, and she’d let him, not wanting to see the sexy man shot, or worse, assigned to Antarctica…permanently.
Completing their current mission isn’t the issue, the danger lies in their inability to fight their resurrected attraction and keeping that failure from her father.
SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge (Take No Prisoners/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Injured on a mission gone wrong, Cory “Reaper” Nipton’s Navy SEAL career is over. With only one arm, he can’t join his fellow teammates, or even his fiancé, the Special Ops helicopter pilot who flew him in and out of harm’s way. Relegated to life as a civilian, and angry at his lack of choices, Reaper goes through rehab with a petite, soft-spoken physical therapist with two iron fists. He’s forced to face an uncertain future and learn how to live without the use of his right arm.
Ex-cop, Leigha Fields, lost her career due to a gunshot wound that destroyed her knee. Retrained and refitted with different skills, she has reimagined her world, dedicating her life to helping wounded warriors find their way. Until someone from her past seeks revenge. Leigha and Reaper join forces to untangle the mystery and free her from the web of crosshairs aimed squarely at her. In their struggle to find and neutralize the culprit, they realize their own capabilities and how they will fit in their future together.
Ex-SEAL and expert sniper, Wolf Kinkaid, is taking a little downtime while he considers his options. Being wooed by two elite black ops groups, he’s enjoying Charter Group’s beach house while he considers his options. A loner by nature as well as occupation, he wonders if he’ll ever really connect to the people around him. Afraid his loner nature will sentence him to spending his life alone, he’s not sure he wants to continue looking down a scope, even if the pay’s good.Bounty hunter Piper Ames loves the adrenaline rush she gets from her high-stakes hunts, but now, she has time on her hands as she waits for her collar to pop up his head so she can take him down. While she’s waiting, it doesn’t hurt that a big, buff, ex-military type is staying right next door. Not the least shy about going after what she wants, she’s surprised when he’s equally as aggressive. Their chemistry is off the charts, and the sex is the hottest she’s ever had.

While Wolf and Piper connect in the only way their independent natures allow, danger lurks. When her target comes, guns blazing, they have to pull together to make it out alive.

After leaving the SEALs more than a year ago, Brier Larsen has found a new calling—Guardian Angels Protection Services. Working with the men he’d served with and gone through Hell with made it seem like he had never left. Now they’re in control of how ops go instead waiting on the brass. Everything is perfect—until Kimberly Slocomb enters his life and stirs up the past.



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Protected by a SEAL #HotSEALs Sneak Peek Excerpt


Hot SEALs series by Cat Johnson

Protected by a SEAL (Hot SEALs) Cat Johnson

Some days former SEAL Rick Mann doesn’t know who he hates more, spoiled actress Sierra Cox who he’s tasked with protecting, or the man trying to kill her. But there’s only one of the two he wants to take to bed.


As he raised the beer bottle to his lips, Rick Mann heard it, but he didn’t believe it. At least, he didn’t want to believe it.

The sound invading his peace and quiet was enough to ruin his enjoyment of even his favorite brand of icy cold brew. He lowered the bottle without taking a sip and smothered a cuss.

Nope. That was not the banging of the headboard against the wall of his sister’s bedroom. Again. For the second time in as many hours. Definitely. Not.

Rick closed his eyes and did his best to believe his own lie, but it wasn’t going to work.

No matter how hard he tried and willed it to be so, the fact remained he was hearing something no brother should be forced to listen to—his best friend in bed with his sister.

It was his own fault, he supposed. Rick did share a house with Darci. And Rick had sent her away on an assignment with his buddy and former SEAL teammate Chris. With his blessing, no less.

But damn, he’d never expected this to be the result.

Almost a month after they’d announced they were dating, Darci and Chris were obviously still in the honeymoon period of the relationship.

It was enough to make Rick want to rip his own ears off.

Drawing in a deep breath, he set his jaw and reached for the television remote control.

He mashed the button with his thumb until the sound of the show airing rose enough he could no longer hear the incredibly disturbing and damn rude noise coming from the vicinity of Darci’s bedroom.

Couldn’t they do this shit while he was at work?

Rick raised the bottle to his lips again and drew in a big swallow. He needed it to dull the horror.

The combination of noise, beer and the History Channel actually worked. Thank God. Rick made it through two commercial breaks without hearing another sound from the bedroom region of the house. Excellent.

“Hey.” The sound of Chris’s voice behind him had Rick jumping.

Happy inside his bubble of beer and the program commemorating the 90th anniversary of Czar Nicholas II abdicating his throne in the midst of World War I, Rick hadn’t heard Darci’s door open.

Rick aimed the remote at the television and lowered the volume. “Hey.”

Chris frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Rick supposed his greeting hadn’t sounded all that warm and cozy and Chris had noticed. He scowled. “What could be wrong?”

Chris lifted one shoulder. “I don’t know. That’s why I asked.”

It wasn’t worth bringing it up. It’s not like Rick’s complaining would change anything. These two were like dogs in heat. Rick realized Chris was still standing, waiting for an answer.

At least his friend was dressed. Only in shorts and a tank top but it could have been worse. He hadn’t gotten comfortable enough to start walking around the house in his underwear yet. Or worse, naked.

Hoping that day never came. Rick focused on the television. “It’s nothing.”

Chris moving in front of Rick and directly in front of the screen ruined his plan to lose himself again in the program. It was a widescreen television, but Chris was pretty wide himself.

Arms crossed, legs planted firm, the man obviously wasn’t moving.

Rick sighed and relented. “The walls are thin here. Okay?”

Realization must have hit Chris. He closed his eyes for a second. “Oh. Sorry about that. We didn’t realize you could hear.”

Rick let out a snort. “Oh, I can. Believe me.”

“I can ask Darci to come over to my place when you’re home.”

Perfect. Then Rick could be a real loser, alone in the house instead of just feeling lonely around the happy couple. At least now, he had company when they did emerge from the bedroom.

The solution didn’t seem all that much better than the problem.

“Don’t worry about it.” Rick took another swallow. “You hungry?”

“Starving. Darci and I are fixin’ to order something. You in?”

“Yeah, sure. What are you gonna get?”

“Darci wants Indian food. You okay with that?”

Rick shot Chris a look. “She’s always trying to get us to order that.” And Rick always said no, but apparently she’d gotten one over on Chris. She’d convinced him to get Indian food while she had him in a sex haze.

“So, that’s a no then?” Chris looked a little torn. Friend versus girlfriend.

After hearing that bed banging, Rick knew exactly which side Chris would land on the choice of take-out. “No, it’s fine. Go ahead. I’ll give it a try.”

Who knows? Maybe Rick might actually like the shit.

“A’ight.” Chris flopped backward into the easy chair.

“Aren’t you ordering it?”

“Oh, hell no. Darci’s doing it. I wouldn’t know what to order anyway. You know what you’d want?”

Rick leveled his gaze on Chris. “What do you think?”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Chris shook his head. “You’d never know there was once a time we were both eating goat meat and pretending to like it.”

“That is exactly why I don’t feel the need to try any of this weird shit now.”

“It’s not weird.” Darci’s voice came from down the hall before she appeared in the living room. “It’s good and you two are going to like it and I’m going to say I told you so when you do.”

Rick craned his head to see her, dressed in her yoga pants and a sweatshirt. “You wish.”

She lifted one brow. “We’ll see.”

“Yes, we will.” Rick let out a humph. Chris’s soft chuckle caught Rick’s attention. “And what’re you laughing at?”

“Nothing. Just missing my little brother about now, is all.”

“Where is he?” Rick asked.

Chris cocked a brow and didn’t answer and Rick remembered the important detail he’d forgotten. That Brody was still active duty in the teams. Actually, that fact was easy to remember. It was that Rick no longer was, and therefore no longer had security clearance, that he’d like to forget.

He scowled. “Never mind. Forget I asked.”

Rick and Chris were both retired now and technically civilians so chances were good that Chris wouldn’t know where his brother was anyway. And if he did know, he wouldn’t repeat it with Darci around.

Besides her being a civilian, if his sister ever knew half of the shit he’d done in the teams she’d freak the hell out. Rick didn’t need that kind of drama.

Chris didn’t either now that he was dating Darci.

Of course, after what Chris had subjected Rick to today, maybe he deserved a little torture as payback.

Darci came back from the kitchen, phone in hand. “The restaurant won’t deliver this far. I’ll have to go pick it up.”

Chris planted his two hands on the arms of the chair he’d looked pretty comfortable in before Darci’s announcement and hoisted himself to his feet. “I’ll drive you.”

“You don’t have to do that.” In a tone Rick recognized well, Darci had said one thing while obviously meaning another.

Rick waited to see if Chris would get caught in the trap.

“Nope. I insist. Just let me throw on my socks and sneakers.” Chris hadn’t fallen for it, proving he was smarter when it came to women than Rick gave him credit for.

That was for the better anyway. Rick didn’t need to listen to them fighting all night. That might be worse than hearing them in bed.

“Okay. Thank you.” She smiled sweetly and accepted the kiss Chris pressed to her head on his way past her.

Rick watched the whole thing unfold, not feeling at all guilty that he got to stay home while Chris had to go out. If Chris wanted to be with Darci, then he’d have to do her bidding.

All Rick knew was that he wasn’t the one who had to drive her, and that was good enough for him.

Darci came over and scowled at the television set. “War stuff?”

“Yes. It’s educational. More than those shows about the housewives of wherever that you like to watch.”

She frowned at him. “You know I haven’t watched the Real Housewives since the first season. It went downhill after that.”

The show started out so badly, it didn’t have all that far to fall, in Rick’s opinion. Not in the mood to debate the point, he kept that to himself.

“A’ight. We can head on out as soon as I find the keys to my truck.” Brows drawn low, Chris glanced at the kitchen counter. “You see them?”

“Yup, I know where they are. They were in the pocket of your jeans when I was doing laundry. I put them on my dresser in the bedroom.” Darci scampered off, down the hall to retrieve Chris’s keys, while Rick took that opportunity to shoot Chris a glance.

“She’s doing your laundry now?”

Chris lifted one shoulder and grinned. “What can I say? I’m not gonna tell her no.”

Rick shook his head at the domestic bliss surrounding him. It was enough to make a man barf.

“You know . . . “ Chris began the sentence in a tone Rick recognized well. A lecture was coming and he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it. Unfortunately, there was usually no way to stop the southern ramblings of Chris Cassidy once they began.

Rick sighed and angled himself to face Chris better. “Yes?”

“I know what’s eating you.”

“Oh, do you? And what’s that?” Rick asked, interested to hear the answer.

“You’re missing the action.”

Rick let out a huff. “You think? You mean you don’t believe sitting in front of a bank of security monitors day and night is stimulating enough for me?”

“Unless there’s some terrorists sneaking around that job of yours, looking to blow up the nuclear reactor and half the state with it, no. There’s not. It’s getting to you. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be running on adrenaline and energy drinks one day and sunk into the sofa looking for something that won’t make you want to blow your brains out on TV the next.”

“There’s one big difference though.”

“What’s that?” Chris asked.

“You chose to retire. Getting out wasn’t exactly my choice.”

His knee blowing out during a training exercise, the realization that he’d have compromised the safety of the team if it had happened on an op, and the Navy medically retiring him had all led to Rick’s current situation.

Chris drew in a breath, clearly about to say something when Darci came back down the hall. “Sorry I took so long. I decided to change clothes quick.”

Like the gentleman he always was, Chris turned his full attention away from Rick and on to Darci. “And you look real pretty, darlin’.” He took the keys she held out and glanced at Rick. “We’ll be back in a few.”

As he grabbed Darci’s hand to lead the way to the front door, she glanced back. “Get the plates and forks out of the dishwasher? They’re all clean.”

“Yeah. Okay.“

This was his life now. He’d gone from cleansing the world of terrorism, to unloading the clean dishes. His biggest battle nowadays was against his sister for control of the television remote.

Chris was right. Rick missed the action. More than he’d ever imagined.

He had some thinking to do. As he stood and felt the twinge in his left knee, he wondered if that life was even possible for him anymore.

PROTECTED BY A SEAL eBook/Print July 21

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