Teasing You with Some Tidbits

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I’m at that point where I’m bogged down in the soggy middle of this work in progress. If I can get over the hump, the ending will fly, I’m sure, but until then each and every word feels like it has to be pulled out of me like a large headed child. So…let me tell you a little bit about this WiP in hopes that getting you excited about it will get me excited about it, because my little sidebar status meter, though helpful, just isn’t doing it for me right now. A good indication about what’s in a book is what research the author does to write it, so for FLANKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 5) I have looked into the following topics… Body Piercing (specifically nipple, clit & hood) Tattoos Marriage License Laws in various states in the US Centrifugal Force in bull riding Building a Tree Stand for deer hunting Shoulder injuries requiring surgery in bull riders Health insurance The sports medicine crew in the arena at bull rides So, does that give you some kind of hint as to what Garret James, the hottie pro bull rider from my Studs in Spurs series, might be up […]

New Release (again) – Gillian’s Island

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 What’s happening? I recognize this cover. It’s not new!! Yes, yes, I hear you. Let me explain… Due to circumstances beyond the owners’ control, Sapphire Blue Publishing, the original publisher of my erotic short story Gillian’s Island, has closed its doors, and as of December 1st, all rights for stories published with them revert back to the authors. So that means this to you… I’ve reworked Gillian’s Island, expanded a smoking hot sex scene bringing the story up to 22k words and rereleased it for 99 cents on BARNES & NOBLE NOOK, Amazon Kindle, All Romance eBooks, and Bookstrand. It was fun going back in and revisiting this story. It was while researching the writing of it back in 2009  that I first discovered the Eat Something Sexy site where I researched the aphrodisiacs I have my characters eat, which eventually leads to some pretty wild times for them. It was shortly after signing up for the Eat Something Sexy newsletter that Amy Reiley put out a call for bloggers to join her team, and I, taking a chance that a site about sexy food might be interested in an author who writes sexy stories, responded. She was interested and Confessions […]