Unridden (Studs in Spurs) 99 Cent Sale Ends 8/7

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99 Cents Surprise Samhain Publishing Sale on UNRIDDEN (Studs in Spurs Book 1) SAMHAIN ~AMAZON ~ARe ~GOOGLE~iBOOKS~KOBO ~BN ~ AMAZON UK ~AU~ CA Grab it NOW! Like summer this sale won’t last forever! And don’t miss WRECKED in the Studs in Spurs Series In eBook/Print Aug 18 Preorder Wrecked for $2.99 USD (Reg 3.99) Readers first met Wade Long and CeCe Cole in SPURRED. Well they’re back in their own book and now this Texas cowboy is about to show one spoiled CEO who’s really the boss, both in and out of bed! AMAZON US~UK~CA ~ AU~BN~ARe ~GOOGLE~iBOOKS ~KOBO

In defense of Jace EXCERPT #2 Three Weeks with a Bull Rider…

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It’s interesting to sit back as an author and watch readers react to your characters. I’m finding that particularly so with Jace from the Oklahoma Nights series. He’s not perfect. I know. I wrote him that way. There are reasons for his flaws and for his behavior, but you, the readers don’t get to see all that until his book, Three Weeks with a Bull Rider. Some readers of Book 2 complained about Jace as a character. What I would hope is that readers realize that if I can make him bother you in Book 2, I have the skill to turn both your opinion and his character around in Book 3. In real life no one should judge another person until they’ve walked a mile in their shoes because what we see of each other is only the tip of the iceberg of a complete world that makes up each of us. More than that, not one of us is perfect. George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones, says his favorite characters to write are the ‘gray’ characters because they are the most true to life, and I think, more interesting. I want to throttle perfect characters. They are cardboard, […]

One Night With a Cowboy All New Excerpt

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After being up on Amazon with a lonely grey box where my cover should have been, finally One Night With a Cowboy has a cover image on the pre-order page and NOW I can effectively ‘ho, um, I mean promote the book! Why start now, you ask? The book doesn’t release until February. Yes, I know, but I’ve gleaned some knowledge while worshipping the false god that is Amazon, but, like with all deities, the truth is always shrouded in mystery. Still, here is what I think might possibly be true… Preorder sales for a book are very (VERY) important. It’s the sales accumulated during preorder that can drive a book to the best seller lists, we think, possibly, because even though I’m trying to convince a friend a mine to work for Amazon and spy for me she hasn’t consented to do so yet so we’re all just guessing here. Here is another thing we’re guessing about…it was rumored that books with more Reader Ratings and Reviews, good or bad, get special treatment at Amazon as far as promotion. Things such as inclusion in emails, or the ‘recommended for you’ titles shown when you visit the site. I’ve heard […]