Weekend Only Sale at Kobo. 35% off select titles!

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Weekend Only Sale at Kobo.com. 35% off select titles including my Night with a SEAL. Use Promo Code: UNLIMITED35 at checkout See all the titles eligible for discount at kobo.com/unlimited35 and have you seen Kobo’s new waterproof eReader?! The Fine Print: The code will only work on select books submitted by authors, not all books on the Kobo site. The code can be used an unlimited number of times, so you can buy and buy and buy! The promo code will work in all territories.  If you already have a Kobo account follow the instructions outlined HERE. If you do not have a Kobo account open one HERE.

Same Great Romance, Shiny New Covers! Sex. Lies. Wedding Cake?

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A wedding party gets shipwrecked on a deserted island where there’s really only one thing to do for entertainment… A maid-of-honor who poses as a stripper to spy on the groom’s bachelor party… A newly-wed bride who finds her groom in a compromising position… See a common theme here? You do? Good for you, because it took me a few years but it finally hit me that even though these are all completely standalone stories they all contain the same elements. Sex. Lies. Weddings.  And so the SEX, LIES & WEDDING CAKE COLLECTION was born! Still the same great romantic comedy contemporary romance stories. Still all completely standalone unconnected reads. But now all branded with new covers under the Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake collection umbrella, because a reader who enjoyed one story might want to check out the others with similar elements. Gillian’s Island. Private Lies. New Orleans. Now part of the Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake Collection. Enjoy!