Model Soldier #RHB rereleases tomorrow. Read an excerpt today!

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MODEL SOLDIER (Red Hot & Blue)  “heart-pounding adventure on the edge of the war torn Middle East” Sizzling Hot Book Reviews Staff Sergeant David “Hawk” Hawkins never refused an order, but he also never signed up for the duty for which he’s been enlisted–becoming the Army’s new recruitment poster boy and working side-by-side with a pretty little, big city marketing executive who has no business being in his war zone. This is a rerelease. Model Soldier was previously published. EXCERPT The minute she walked into the bar she felt it, eyes on her. Lots of them, all male, and judging by the fact Hawk stood in the center of the group of males watching her, she guessed they were all soldiers from the neighboring garrison. They weren’t in uniform, but they did all sport the signature military cropped hair. Two of them even walked in sync when they crossed the bar to the jukebox together. Hawk smiled and crossed the room himself, but he wasn’t following the other two. He was heading right for her. Emily took a deep breath and prepared for another verbal battle. “Good evening, Sergeant,” Jai greeted Hawk. Hawk nodded a return greeting to Jai then he turned […]

Countdown to Release: SMALLTOWN HEAT Excerpt

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Only a couple of more weeks …until the next Red Hot & Blue title SMALLTOWN HEAT is back out I really enjoyed reworking this one. Revisiting it as I reedited and proofed it made me remember how much I loved this series the first time around. As with the other Red Hot & Blue books, if you own the original (released by Samhain) there’s no need to rebuy. I did not add or change anything substantial to the original (except for the new cover!) But if you have already read Smalltown Heat, or any of the other Red Hot & Blue titles, and loved them PLEASE tell your friends, leave reviews, post on social, and help new readers find the series. Authors always appreciate it! “steamy, smartly written and incredibly funny” ~Guilty Pleasures CLICK HERE TO PREORDER SMALLTOWN HEAT TODAY Available in eBook and Print Please enjoy this EXCERPT from “Bobby” in SMALLTOWN HEAT Bobby Barton sat in the farthest corner table in the diner with his back to the wall so he could watch the door. His friend Jared Gordon sat opposite, coffee mug in hand. It was a sad day when a man, an officer of the law […]

Countdown to Red Blooded Excerpt #RHB

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Please enjoy this teaser from “JACK” in RED BLOODED (Red Hot & Blue) in paperback and eBook everywhere Tuesday, September 19th! AND don’t miss the release week festivities on my Facebook Page. Stop by, play some games and enter to win fun prizes all week long starting Sept 19 at Jack Gordon leaned in, about to close the deal on what he hoped would be a mind-erasing kiss—because he could really stand to erase some memories right about now. He was just concentrating on not coughing from the overwhelming cloud of perfume that surrounded her, and now him too, when the blonde’s hand on his chest stopped the downward descent of his head toward hers. He moved back again, almost relieved she had stopped him. She was right. This kiss was probably a really bad idea. His heart still had the bruise from watching Carly, the woman he’d had a crush on for two years, fall hard for his best friend Trey. That was in addition to the fact that Darlene, the current near recipient of his impending kiss, worked at Carly’s bar as a cocktail waitress. Darlene held one finger in the air. “Hang on.” Sticking two fingers into […]