Reader Beware : How to Spot a Book Thief

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Warning! Please Share. There has been a rash of fake publishers opening iBooks accounts, stealing our books and selling them there. Duplicate listings that are almost indistinguishable from the real listing. ALMOST indistinguishable… please look at the below pictures. One listing is real and lists CAT JOHNSON as the publisher/seller. The other is the stolen duplicate and lists the scammer ROYAL HOUSE PRESS as the publisher/seller. A way to spot a scam copy is if you see two listings of the same ebook for sale at the same vendor. In this case, a search on iBooks yielded 2 copies of the same title. I had to open each of the listings and look for the Publisher/Seller names to find only one was mine and one was a stolen copy. I have contacted iBooks’ legal department however these scammers are like playing whack-a-mole. You shut down one and another pops up almost immediately so please BE AWARE. Do not buy from them by mistake. And if you see a duplicate listing for any of your favorite authors, let them know! ¬†Consumer awareness is the best way to fight this. UPDATE!¬†I’d like to thank iBooks (both the rep and the legal department) […]