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SPURRED (Studs in Spurs Series) by Cat Johnson This cowboy is about to learn a whole new set of rope tricks… Bull rider Aaron Jordan is willing to do whatever it takes to support his chosen sport. Showing the owner of the pro-tour’s biggest sponsor around town during an event seems simple enough. Until he finds himself all tied up—literally—with a newly divorced, insanely rich cougar. Worse, once CeCe Cole gets her hooks into him, Aaron can’t even look at the woman he’s really attracted to—her media manager, Jill Malone—without getting the older woman’s panties in a wad. Jill’s job at Cole Shock Absorbers got a lot harder when CeCe won the company in the divorce. But having to listen to the shenanigans going on between CeCe and Aaron in the next hotel room is a new low. Aaron is relieved when the event is over and, presumably, his responsibility to CeCe. But extricating himself from her blood-red claws is far from easy, and surviving the wrath of hurricane CeCe could have career-ending implications for himself, the association and the lady he’d hoped to get to know better—Jill. Warning: Contains a cougar who likes to play with her prey in […]

Countdown to Release Day ~ Spurred (Studs in Spurs) Quote Graphic

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There were females who hunted professional cowboys like it was a sport. And Aaron, with as good as he looked and as well as he ranked, would be a prized trophy for many. ~SPURRED (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson In eBOOK & PAPERBACK JUNE 30th Preorder today and wake up to Aaron on your eReader Tuesday!  AMAZON.US ~ .CA ~ .UK ~ .DE  ARe~  BN~  iBOOKS ~ KOBO~ SAMHAIN ~ GOOGLE Never miss a new release again! Sign up for alerts at catjohnson.net/news Don’t miss WRECKED, coming next to Studs in Spurs, where CeCe Cole gets taught a lesson by bull fighter Wade Long. PREORDER NOW And catch up with all the Studs in Spurs before release day!

Bull Riders !

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The Longest Ride opens in movie theaters this weekend and with it I predict bull riders will be the “new” hot romance heroes. New is in quotation marks because there’s nothing new about bull riders in romance novels, it just took Hollywood a decade or so to catch up. Anyway, for those who had their tastebuds whet and are looking for more than an 8 second ride, I bring to you my bull riders. Young, old, rookies or retired, there’s a bull rider to satisfy everyone’s taste. So here we go! Meet the STUDS IN SPURS Slade (Unridden) Mustang (Bucked) Chase (Ride) Luke (Hooked) Garret (Flanked) Skeeter (Thrown) Cooper (Champion) Aaron (Spurred) Meet the Oklahoma Nights / Midnight Ride Cowboys Tucker (One Night with a Cowboy) SALE $1.99 Jace (Three Weeks with a Bull Rider) Tyler (Midnight Ride) Releases April 28th!