Bull Riders !

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The Longest Ride opens in movie theaters this weekend and with it I predict bull riders will be the “new” hot romance heroes. New is in quotation marks because there’s nothing new about bull riders in romance novels, it just took Hollywood a decade or so to catch up. Anyway, for those who had their tastebuds whet and are looking for more than an 8 second ride, I bring to you my bull riders. Young, old, rookies or retired, there’s a bull rider to satisfy everyone’s taste. So here we go! Meet the STUDS IN SPURS Slade (Unridden) Mustang (Bucked) Chase (Ride) Luke (Hooked) Garret (Flanked) Skeeter (Thrown) Cooper (Champion) Aaron (Spurred) Meet the Oklahoma Nights / Midnight Ride Cowboys Tucker (One Night with a Cowboy) SALE $1.99 Jace (Three Weeks with a Bull Rider) Tyler (Midnight Ride) Releases April 28th!