August 2017 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

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Where did July go?! It went by so fast, between the new release of Escape with a Hot SEAL and the reveal of the next Hot SEALs romance, Matched with a Hot SEAL. And now it’s time for the new August wallpaper, which is a nod to love and romance. Download it with or without the August 2017 calendar page and feel free to share. So what’s up for August in my world? I’m heading to Canada for Romancing the Capital and even though the 3 day event is sold out, the big BOOK SIGNING on Saturday August 5th is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So if you’re driving distance to Ottawa and up for a road trip, check out the details HERE. DOWNLOAD AUGUST CALENDAR WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD LOVE WALLPAPER (NO CALENDAR)

It’s not about the bologna…

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I am back and recovering from my whirlwind trip to Oklahoma where I traveled to celebrate National Bologna Day with the wonderful people of Drumright and the surrounding areas. Now, before any one of you posts a comment on here that says anything close to “Eww, I hate bologna”, step away from the keyboard. I don’t want to read that comment, and I will delete it. Why? Because it’s not just about the f*%&ing  bologna! Just as the Fourth of July is not just about the fireworks and Christmas should be about more than the gifts, so is National Bologna Day about so much more than bologna, at least for me and in how it’s celebrated in the tiny town of Drumright, Oklahoma. It’s about coming together from near and far, meeting new people and visiting with old friends, it’s about networking and learning, it’s about honoring the past and building for the future. Okay, lecture over. Now on to the recap of my amazing trip… I loved Oklahoma, more than I expected, and to the point I had a little bit of withdrawal and got sad missing everyone on the plane ride home. Maybe it was how everyone welcomed me, from the Rotary Club […]

Truth in Fiction: Tidewater Winery

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Sometimes an author needs to give their characters something interesting to do. Sometimes, authors use real places for those fictional characters and plot lines. Tidewater Winery in Drumright, Okahoma is one of those places I used in my Oklahoma Nights series in THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER. Readers might remember Jace giving his buddy Tucker grief because instead of riding in a local rodeo, Tuck has to go on a double date to a wine tasting at a winery in Drumright. Well, guess where I am! That’s right–I’m at that very winery. Little did I know while I was writing Three Weeks with a Bull Rider and my Oklahoma Nights Series that just a couple of years later, I’d be in the very location I was writing about! The history of the building and the entire town is fascinating. Look it up if you’re into that. It seems Drumright was big in oil and oil magnate John D. Rockefeller built the Tidal School for the oil refinery workers’ children in 1920. That building is now used by the winery. Yes, this New Yorker is in Oklahoma and enjoying the tastes of the local fare, which include locally grown and bottled wine […]