Truth in Fiction: Joseph’s Fine Foods

Josephs Fine Foods Drumright OKAs you read this I’m most likely in the air, in route from New York to Drumright, Oklahoma for the National Bologna Day festivities happening there.

Why? Well, those of you who have been readers of mine for awhile One NIght with a Cowboy Special BookClub Edition Hardcovermight remember the story about my writing Joseph’s Fine Foods in Drumright and their now infamous fried bologna sandwich into my USA Today bestselling contemporary western romance novel ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY (Oklahoma Nights Series).

I wrote that book in 2012, it released in February of 2013, and since then has been one wild ride for both me and the folks at Joseph’s Fine Foods. Patrons of Joseph’s in Drumright now know me. Readers of mine now know Joseph’s, some have even made a road trip to visit there! All because of that infamous fried bologna sandwich sex scene I wrote into my book.


In August of this year, October 24th was made officially National Bologna Day in Drumright by a proclamation signed by the city’s mayor.

Natl Bologna Day Proclamation

To celebrate, I’m on my way there for the festivities. Events include a 9AM Central Time live radio interview at KUSH 1600 (listen to the live stream HERE) and my speaking to the local Rotary on Friday, and on Saturday a media brunch at Josephs, then a public book signing from 1-3 pm and a costume party at 7 pm both at the winery next door. And sometime during the visit will be my first bite of Joseph’s infamous fried bologna sandwich.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on the Tidewater Winery in Drumright, and its appearance in Three Weeks with a Bull Rider (Oklahoma Nights) so check back.

Cat Johnson National Bologna Day 2015 Event