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What Can Readers Do to Help Authors?

Often readers don’t know how to help their favorite authors. Here are a few quick tips. Even though doing all of the below would be absolutely awesome, we know you’re busy so ANY of the below you manage would really help other readers discover our books.

How you can help support Escape with a Hot SEAL #HotSEALs 


Follow me on INSTAGRAM, Like my author page on FACEBOOK, Follow me on TWITTER @Cat_Johnson then LIKE what I post. (It might be an IMAGE, or a QUOTE GRAPHICS, or a link.

Escape with a Hot SEAL

Even better, is if you have the time to COMMENT and SHARE the posts. The way Instagram and Facebook are set up, the more love a post gets (comments, likes, shares) the more they will show it to other users, and comments and shares count more than likes.

Also you don’t have to just share what I post. Feel free to post something as simple as “Reading the new Cat Johnson Hot SEALs release and loving it!” or something equally nice 🙂

Pro Tip: photos are pure GOLD on social media. Posting a pic of your eReader with the book cover showing and your favorite drink as you get ready to settle in to read, or a picture of the paperback and your beach chair, are the kind of priceless promotion authors and other readers love to see.


If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please post a review on the vendor where you bought it and also on Amazon US. The more positive reviews the better when it comes to gaining favor with the ever mysterious Amazon algorithms that decide what titles get visibility and which will wallow in obscurity amid the millions of other titles. Also, many advertising companies will only let us run a paid ad if our book has a certain number of reviews and above a certain star rating (usually over 4 stars).

3. GOODREADS: Add the book to your TBR shelf on GOODREADS before it releases, and after you’ve read it, if you enjoyed it, please rate and review it there.

Thank you for everything you already do, I appreciate it all. And if you’re not on any of the above websites, that’s perfectly okay. Old school works too. Loan your paperback to a friend. And the next time someone asks, “What are you reading?”, tell them. Word of mouth is advertising authors can’t pay for. We have to earn it through loyal readers such as you.

Thanks for reading!