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Studs in Spurs Series

Unridden (Book 1-Slade, Mustang) eBook & Print available

Bucked (Book 2-Mustang) eBook & Print available

The Rookie (Deleted Scene from BUCKED-Mustang & Chase) FREE eBook

8 Second Ride (Short Story-Chase) FREE eBook

Ride (Book 3-Chase)-eBook & Print available

Hooked (Book 4 – Luke)-eBook & Print available

Flanked (Book 5-Garret)- eBook & Print available

Thrown (Book 6- Skeeter) – eBook & Print

Champion (Book 7-Cooper Holbrook) eBook available, Print 4/28/15

Spurred (Book 8-Aaron Jordan) eBook/Print 6/30/15

Wrecked (Book 9) eBook/Print release dateTBA

Oklahoma Nights Series
One Night with a Cowboy, (Book 1) -eBook & Paperback
“Fish Out of Water” novella (in the He’s the One anthology)
Two Times as Hot (Book 2)  eBook & Paperback
Three Weeks with a Bull Rider  eBook & Paperback
Two For the Road” novella (in the In A Cowboy’s Bed anthology)

Midnight Cowboys Series
Midnight Ride (Book 1- Tyler Jenkins) April 28 eBook & Paperback
Midnight Wrangler (Book 2 – Rohn Lerner) Nov 24 eBook & Paperback
Midnight Heat (Book 3 – Justin Skaggs)  Coming Spring 2016

The HOT SEALs Series
Night with a SEAL eBook, Print, Audiobook
Saved by a SEAL in eBook, Print, Audiobook
SEALed at Midnight in eBook, Print, Audiobook
Kissed by a SEAL  eBook, Print, Audiobook (coming soon)

Red, Hot & Blue Series* 

  1. Trey (Book 1) eBook
  2. Jack (Book 2) eBook
  3. Jimmy (Book 3) eBook NOTE: Trey, Jack & Jimmy are bundled in PRINT as RED BLOODED                                                                            3.5 BB Dalton (Book 3.5) BONUS READ
  4. Jared (Book 4) eBook
  5. Cole (Book 5) eBook
  6. Bobby (Book 6) eBook NOTE: Jared, Cole & Bobby will be bundled for Print as SMALLTOWN HEAT available in Trade Paperback now
  7. A Few Good Men-A RHB NOVEL (Book 7) eBook & print
  8. Model Soldier- A RHB NOVEL (Book 8 )  eBook & print
  9. A Prince Among Men-A RHB NOVEL (Book 9) eBook & print
  10. Bull (Book 10)  eBook
  11. Matt (Book 11)  eBook
  12. The Commander (Book 12) eBook  NOTE: Bull, Matt, The Commander will be bundled for print as TRUE BLUE

*The Red, Hot & Blue series was originally the Linden Bay Romance Task Force Zeta Series

The Trilogy Collection
Opposites Attract (Trilogy #1)- Brad/Alyssa, Troy/Amy, Antonio/Maddy
Nice & Naughty (Trilogy #2)- appearances by Troy and Antonio and their firemen friends
Black Cat- (FREE READ) Belinda and Lar’s story featuring Donna & Grace from JUST DESSERTS
Just Desserts (Trilogy #3)-Donna’s and Grace’s stories, with their friend Jade.

Eros’s Valentine
The above 4 stories are compiled in OLYMPUS

Texas Two-Step (Wes/Maryann/Shooter, M/F/M)
Texas Two-Step: Cowboy Shuffle (Shooter & Ellen)

 A Cowboy for Christmas (Cattle boss Bonner Blue Boyd & Casey, M/F)
Valentine Cowboys (Ranch hands Justus & Dakota, M/F/M menage)

Crossing the Line (eBook novella – Beau & Carrie)
Cinderella Liberty (eBook novella – Crash & Trish)